Horrible Advice Here!

I realize that the American and European Episcopate have been hanging by a thread for decades and it only shows my own short-comings to be penetrated by these things that I see; But, I see alot of poeple here who have been making the wrong choices most all of their lives being coached by people that seemingly think that more of this conventional wisdom will pull them out of it!!! It is like peer pressure! Look at what has happened in the US alone! The God damned modernist, marxist and then communists and socialist, liberals and now calling themselves progressives that have broken the family, ceased the handing down of tradition and the chaos has not even gotten up to speed yet! If you do not think truth is NOT an absolute; But, have made mistakes, that VERY contrdiction alone should have alot of you reconsidering what is what. I am just venting frustration here.

RCIA should be made mandatory remedial training, is my first thought; Then I remember the heresy they tried to sell it THAT 6 months of hell on earth, jeepers,creepers!


Welcome. :slight_smile:

We look forward to your contributions, as you make use of Scripture and Vatican Documents in your responses to individuals in this forum…which may hopefully relieve some of your frustration, in the charity and respect required of all members.

It is of great benefit that the holy Bible,
the Catechism of the Catholic Church,
the Code of Canon Law,
papal encyclicals,
are amongst the sources available in full online for all to refer to and study at any time.
May God bless you and grant you peace, and access to this forum as a means to promote God’s holy truth.

Holy Scripture is wonderful as long as it is taken with Apostolic Tradition as you know. My problem with the Vatican II document is that very little is actually decreed in it and it is left open for lesser councils to come behind and THEY did not seem to actually clear anything up! So, as I try to be obedient, I am left with not much to work with as I understand things. I am a convert and am NOT fooled by the misuse of being “pastoral”; We see the infiltration of the enemy in all of our spheres of influence and I keep looking for men to step up and BE men! The only solution that I have is that I leave in two weeks for the PH as even in their “secular” society, you would have to go back 100+ years in american history to find a similiar society.
I fell IN LOVE with The Church and as soon as I started going through the formal training and being exposed to the community, I was crushed! I have only felt like I was home in a handful of places that I have visited and when I see how sick in the soul the majority of these people seem to be…it even muddies the water for me to talk about it; And, it takes little talent to complain. I am just left with the feeling of relief that I never married! AND I feel called to be a husband and a father!

Sorry I think you meant Sacred Tradition (also called Holy Tradition), because Apostolic Tradition is a collection of old documents.

You might not want to take the Lord’s name in vain in future posts. Rage is a deadly sin too, as I recall…

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