Horrible Marriage Proposal?

Has anyone ever had an awful marriage proposal? What is the worst you’ve heard of?

What would you do if they didn’t fix it?

What do you mean by “fix it”? Once the proposal has been proposed, it is “there”…Please explain what you mean by “fix it”.

A couple was lying on the couch doing nothing and the man said, “Hey, you want to get married?” She said yes, they’ve been married for over 9 years.

Not excatly a textbook romantic proposal, in Paris with the Eifel tower-but it worked for them.

You CAN change it. Take your wife out to dinner, or on a beach, or something-and tell her you’d marry her again in a second.

Worst one I ever heard of was, after finding out that a guy had gotten his girlfriend pregnant (this is a few decades ago) he says “I guess this means we oughta get married?”

Needless to say, she didn’t, and ended up putting the child up for adoption.

One of my friend’s ex-husband proposed to her by saying “we better get married while you are still hot and I want to have sex with you”. Needless to say, he left her after three years for someone else after she had her son (and wasn’t a size 2 anymore).

LOL! I don’t know why, but this struck me.

That “man” should be beaten. Repeatedly. It’s a pet peeve of mine when someone complains about their wife gaining a few pounds after she has a kid or two.

His excuse was that he was sold a “false bill of goods” because she didn’t stay attractive. I wil admit that she didn’t age well. She looks at least 10 years older (she’s 28).

I think the important thing is that he did propose. If he was genuinely serious about the proposal, I think you could forgive him for the poor presentation. It’s like going to church in jeans and T-shirt - the important thing is that you went, not how you were dressed.

Sounds like a real winner of a guy.

My husband never actually proposed! He assumed. I didn’t have an engagement ring or an engagement party, or a honeymoon!!! However, we have been married for 42 years. My husband still has no “sense of occasion.”
He is practical in the extreme.

my hubby proposed to my after ONLY knowing me for 3 days. We were on top of Signal Mountain in Dunlap Tn, and he asked me to marry him. The next day he took me to pick out a ring. We just celebrated 10 years. We have 2 amazing, smart, beautiful daughters together. and NO I do NOT regret anything. Yes, we had some rough troubled waters here and there but it was/is all worth it. He is the most amazing man, husband, daddy, and best friend I and the girls could ever have.:smiley:

DH and I were sitting around one afternoon after dating for about six weeks (we’d known each other for about 2 years at this point) and the conversation went like this:

DH: I want to ask you something.
Me: Okay.
DH: But I’m not sure if I should.
Me: Why not?
DH: Nah, never mind.
Me: Come on, what is it?
DH: I don’t know if you’d want to.
Me: Want to what?
DH: Would you?
Me: Would I WHAT???
DH: Marry me?
Me: Are you serious?
(two beats)
DH: Well, YEAH!!!

Hey, it was memorable! But then this is what happened when we told his parents…

(Scene: bluerose has just picked up then-fiance-DH from hospital following a chemotherapy treatment… and he’s not feeling too well. His parents are at his apartment waiting for him to get home so they can get him settled. Mom is rushing around trying to get his bed ready…)

DH: Mom… (Mom rushes by) Mom!.. (Mom bustles into the bathroom) MOM!!!
(Dad notices and catches Mom by the arm)
Dad: Honey, the kids want to tell us something.
Mom: What?
DH: We’re getting married… URRRRK!!! (runs to the bathroom, vomiting)
Dad: (looks at me) He’s not taking it too well, is he?

Well, going on 22 years and counting! :smiley:

As an older person :wink: I am really amused by the current societal mood that dictates that a proposal must be perfect. It’s really strange. I mean, people go to great lengths for the perfect proposal, and forget about why they are doing it.

I don’t think the proposal matters, except for one important thing: it must be sincere. If it makes you feel worthless, second best, a desperate choice, etc. your answer should be no. But if he stumbles over his words, nearly pees himself, and is so nervous because he has thought about it a lot and really cares for you and wants you, then your answer is “YES!!”

You aren’t supposed to give a grade. :rolleyes:

here is the absolute worse proposal I have ever heard of.

One Monday at work a girl named ‘Carol’ comes up to me.

Carol: I am so nervous, I am taking the day off tomorrow to get engaged

Me: Oh? Are you having an arranged marriage

Carol: No

Me: Then how do you know your boyfriend will propose?

Carol: I told him to

Tuesday, Carol does not come into the office

Wednesday she shows me the ring

Me: It’s nice

Carol: You know, I am not even sure I want to marry him

Conclusion Please pray for Carol’s husband


haha I wonder what he said?

It’s not a real-life example, but I can’t help thinking of the episode in one of the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ books where a boy gets his sister to propose marriage to Anne on his behalf.

Kinda cute that he’s so shy, but still - as if! Of course she doesn’t accept.

I can blame no one but myself. I did not ask my wife to marry me until long after it was established that we would marry. We had dated for some time. One day she told me her middle name was Joy, but her parents used the abreviated “Jo.” I blurted out “I can’t beleive I’m going to marry someone named XXXXX Jo.” We both got quiet for a while and just assumed we would get married until some time later when we met my father for breakfast. After discussing it with him we left in seperate cars. She called me on a cellular phone and pointed out that I had never asked her. So I did–on a cellular phone–in a Crackerbarrel parking lot.

I’m not sure which part is the worst.

We have 6 kids and have been married several years. Clearly, she is very patient.

I didn’t have a proposal. I knew my then bf was really eager to get married but I wasn’t and needed time. (Too much divorce in my family to be romantic about such issues - a girl has to be wise before she decides to tie the knot :wink: ) He knew that and waited. Then after 2 years of dating I spent one summer away from the country and missed him terribly. I realised I wanted to spend my life with him. So one evening I told him over the phone I was ready to get married. He said ‘great’. When I got back we started planning the wedding and told our friends and family. I didn’t get an engagement ring because i didn’t want one.
Romantic? Guess not but it was perfect for us.

Yeah, and he stayed the idiot he always was…


I’m cleaning coffee off of my screen right now.

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