Horrific abuse case raises questions over international surrogacy


An Australian case of sexual exploitation of infants has raised questions about international surrogacy. An unnamed 49-year-old man in rural Victoria has pleaded guilty to abusing not only two young nieces, but twins whom he fathered with the help of a donated egg from a woman in Ukraine at an IVF clinic in Asia.

The case came to the attention of police when they were alerted to images which were circulating on the internet.

His abuse of his daughters began when they were 27 days old and continued for seven months. Amongst the 13,000 images and videos in his possession when he was arrested were 300 of his own daughters.


To quote Captain Nemo, “Dieu tout-puissant, assez, assez!”

Where will this end? :(:(:frowning:


I don’t see what ***international ***surrogacy has to do with this story,
Since he was married and with a clean record, surrogacy or adoption options are plentiful, local or international.

The real issue is he was abusive with his nieces and children without any of the adult family members catching on.


I find sexual abuse of infants extremely disturbing!!! :frowning: :mad:


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