Horrified and sickened, doctors "waited" for cousin to get sick


I am horrified and so shaken up! Our family just received a call from my dad’s sister. Her son was very sick yesterday, vomiting and in great pain. She took him to the family physician today thinking it was a virus, but it turned out he had appendicitis. Her doctor advised to take him straight to the emergency room.

They got there are 8am this morning and the doctors put off everything, and put her son in a room with pain medication. They would not answer any questions and limited visits to their son.

Finally at 11am she lost it and began demanding some information. That is when one of the doctors came runnign out of the room and walked away from her and the nurses, spoke to another doctor (around the corner, they did not know she was standing there) “Okay, take the kid to Dr. ___ I think it’s ruptured so now we can enroll him in the study and try out the new meds.”

She is a basket case right now! They were holding off and waiting for her son’s appendicitis to erupt so that they could have the parents sign, enrolling her son in a scientific study with trial meds! They even had the gall to offer the papers after this incident!

This is disgusting!


I hope she did not sign and the appendics taken out.

Those doctors need to be arrested and run out of the profession and the hopsital out of business.


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