Horror based on Reality vs Fiction


I recently made a thread about the Haunting of Hill house which i have recently just watched and i thought i’d make this thread because i have noticed a big change in the Horror Genre. In the last several years some of the most frightening horror movies/tv have been based on true stories, mostly demonic possession, this is essentially because there are records of such things happening and for the most part never have so many accounts of the supernatural been accepted by so many on it’s own merits. Watching the Haunting of Hill house, a horror based on fiction i see a drastic difference in how the characters act compared to horror based on fact. Years ago we didn’t notice or care for this, the characters in horror movies almost always acted in the most irrational ways such as knowingly approaching danger, splitting up in a haunted house rather than sticking together and just flat out being in denial of supernatural events that would scare any normal person so much they soil themselves.

Take the Conjuring 2 for example. The only factual element however of this movie was the enfield poltergeist and many of the events around it which was one of the most documented in British history. When the characters in the house experience something of supernatural origin they behave as any genuinely scared person would, they run immediately and get out of the House. They later return because there is no available homes by the housing executive so while they are on the waiting list they live there in complete fear. They all sleep together in one room where they feel safer in each others presence. What they don’t do is wonder around this house seeking answers to something that frightens them beyond comprehension. Even though they were a secularized family the experience forces them to believe in this reality. In other words they react in a way most normal people would and they seek help from people that actually comprehend what is happening rather than naturalists who brush it off because they can’t explain it.


Now take the horror based on fiction, one that dominated the horror genre for decades until the last ten years or so. The characters in these stories always act in the most irrational ways and the viewer is always left frustrated with how they act. When the character experiences something truly horrifying they react in complete fear as anyone would but these events don’t seem to affect their irrational actions. If for example someone see’s a spirit or monster in a particular house etc they still have the courage to walk around the house at night and seek out anything suspicious knowing quite well what it could be. They even go as far to flat out reject their experiences as being delusional even if others experience them aswell. I get it, the show must go on but if it’s at the expense of characters acting without even the slightest common sense then i always feel a greater sense of frustration than enjoyment from watching a horror like this. I feel now that we have been spoiled with how a horror based on fact plays out fictional horrors don’t have the same affect that they used to have. Even the most frightening fictional horrors don’t compete with those based on fact. I was wondering what other posters thoughts on this were?


My honest thought is avoid like the plague.

We carry these ideas around forever and these kinds of movies are not helpful at all for society.


I’d rather just read or watch a documentary on the actual true life case than sit through a “based on” movie in most cases.

There are some exceptions. I really enjoyed Stephen King’s “Carrie” (the book and the movie) for example.


I must admit many years ago I saw that film, it was a B movie which accompanied a major film starring Clint. I said afterwards that I thought it should have been the major movie because it was gripping.

I think the last film I saw like that was ‘needful things’ which I thought was pretty good too.

I have avoided anything like that for quite some time now though. They don’t suit me at all.


There are protections against evil magic such as the intercession of Saint Benedict and the St Benedict Medal. I would advise those concerned to investigate those truths before mere phenomenon. Blessed chalk will be distributed around January 6th, 2019 for the Feast of the Epiphany, which is a great help against spiritual evils.

In order to live a life to lack a disruption from these demonic evils it is suggested for mature readers only to read books by Fr. Gabriele Amorth. Funny enough, it has been said the movie “the exorcist” was his favorite.


Actually these can lead many towards the faith. Many of these events has convinced people that God exists


I understand your point.

If I employ security guards to guard my house before setting them to work would I first tell them horrific and frightening stories in great detail about what may have occurred around my property priorly or just give them a few simple facts to forewarn them.

The Bible forwarns us enough I think, personally I don’t want to be psychologically weakened by entertaining wild fantasies about the enemy.


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