Horror in China: Aborted but Still Living Baby Sent for Cremation

Horror in China: Aborted but Still Living Baby Sent for Cremation


By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

FOSHAN CITY, China, may 25, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) - An aborted baby boy, who had been declared dead by doctors in Foshan City, China, suddenly cried out as he was about to be cremated, but died later after doctors refused to treat him.

A mortuary worker at the Nanhai Funeral Home reportedly was startled by a cry from a box, labeled "medical waste," that he was about to put into the incinerator. He opened the carton and found the baby moving, but choking on some cotton wool in his mouth, the locally based Information Times reported.

After the worker cleared his mouth, the baby yawned and breathed normally. He was rushed back to Guanyao Hospital, which had attempted to abort him earlier that day; but doctors in the hospital reportedly ignored him and left him in the lobby to die.

He was confirmed dead later in the day and returned to the funeral home for cremation. However, workers put the body in a refrigerator pending further investigation.


Aborted but living babies are routinely left to die in North America because they're not REALLY human.Auschwitz,Dachau,Berkenau.ALL of us are going to have to answer to this and woe to the silent and lukewarm.They will be vomited from His Mouth.

We should all pray for this child, Catholics and all of Mankind. No matter what you call yourself, this should be a true horror. Stand up for those who cannot protect themselves.

I pray for this little one now, his life is only a small subraction of what’s happening, and will not at all be dismayed if our Lord decides to send all of mankind into the dark ages technology wise. We have wronged each other and our Lord on the highest levels and there is little, to no outrage as to what’s going on.

Pull your heads out of the sand, those with resources and take action now, you that have the means, use them, or they will be very quickly taken away!!!

Sickeningly horrible. Prayers for the child and for the souls of those involved.

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Aborted but living babies are routinely left to die in North America because they're not REALLY human.Auschwitz,Dachau,Berkenau.ALL of us are going to have to answer to this and woe to the silent and lukewarm.They will be vomited from His Mouth.


This is not part of the original story, but something you added. Please provide proof, including your definition of "routinely". This is probably a felony in every state or province, so your proof is important.

The abortion industry is a sick industry, I tell ya. I won’t be surprised if God ushers in a big calamity because of our sins. This time around, He might take us back to the dark age. Let’s pray for that poor soul. In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.

66 babies in a year left to die after NHS abortions that go wrong

Read more: dailymail.co.uk/health/article-512129/66-babies-year-left-die-NHS-abortions-wrong.html#ixzz0p2fZipQh

Surviving aborted babies left to die-- yes it does happen

Baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion
A baby boy abandoned by doctors to die after a botched abortion was found alive nearly a day later.

Entire transcript of testimony of Jill L. Stanek, RN before the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act of 2000” Hearing July 20, 2000 :
" I am a Registered Nurse who has worked in the Labor & Delivery Department at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois, for the past five years. Christ Hospital performs abortions on women in their second or even third trimesters of pregnancy. Sometimes the babies being aborted are healthy, and sometimes they are not.
The method of abortion that Christ Hospital uses is called “induced labor abortion,” also now known as “live birth abortion.” This type of abortion can be performed different ways, but the goal always is to cause a pregnant woman’s cervix to open so that she will deliver a premature baby who dies during the birth process or soon afterward. The way that induced abortion is most often executed at my hospital is by the physician inserting a medication called Cytotec into the birth canal close to the cervix. Cytotec irritates the cervix and stimulates it to open. When this occurs, the small, preterm baby drops out of the uterus, oftentimes alive. It is not uncommon for one of these live aborted babies to linger for an hour or two or even longer. One of them once lived for almost eight hours.
In the event that a baby is aborted alive, he or she receives no medical assessments or care but is only given what my hospital calls “comfort care.” “Comfort care” is defined as keeping the baby warm in a blanket until he or she dies, although even this minimal compassion is not always provided. It is not required that these babies be held during their short lives.
One night, a nursing co-worker was taking an aborted Down’s Syndrome baby who was born alive to our Soiled Utility Room because his parents did not want to hold him, and she did not have time to hold him. I could not bear the thought of this suffering child dying alone in a Soiled Utility Room, so I cradled and rocked him for the 45 minutes that he lived. He was 21 to 22 weeks old, weighed about pound, and was about 10 inches long. He was too weak to move very much, expending any energy he had trying to breathe. Toward the end he was so quiet that I couldn’t tell if he was still alive unless I held him up to the light to see if his heart was still beating through his chest wall. After he was pronounced dead, we folded his little arms across his chest, wrapped him in a tiny shroud, and carried him to the hospital morgue where all of our dead patients are taken.
Other co-workers have told me many upsetting stories about live aborted babies whom they have cared for. I was told about an aborted baby who was supposed to have Spina bifida but was delivered with an intact spine. Another nurse is haunted by the memory of an aborted baby who came out weighing much more than expected ~ almost two pounds. She is haunted because she doesn’t know if she made a mistake by not getting that baby medical help. A Support Associate told me about a live aborted baby who was left to die on the counter of the Soiled Utility Room wrapped in a disposable towel. This baby was accidentally thrown into the garbage, and when they later were going through the trash to find the baby, the baby fell out of the towel and on to the floor.

Will that suffice?I can give you HUNDREDS more examples.Don’t know what Felony means-Canadian you see-we have NO abortion law.And it does happen routinely.Do your own research.If these crimes are a “feloney” you had better start calling the police as I have given you plenty of evidence to report these crimes-wonder what they’ll say to you?.

I agree with both of you. Pretty soon the Lord’s mercy is going run out and His justice will take over. I fear for us. But then again, if the Lord does choose to punish us for ur crimes against humanity, I wouldn’t blame Him one bit!

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just"Thos.Jefferson

I am appalled that this could be happening, but you said " routinely left to die in North America" and then quoted an article from the UK.

Perhaps the hundreds of examples would be useful.

I quoted articles from North America as well-didn’t you read the testimony of the AMERICAN nurse.In Canada THERE IS NO ABORTION LAW.NONE.NADA.ZIP.What do you think happens here when the child is delivered alive-they leave it to die,because THERE IS NO LAW.
I repeat-do your own research-Google,“aborted babies left to die”.Don’t split hairs…Be prepared to weep copiously.These human beings are suffering a holocaust like the Rwanandans,Cambodians,Jews,Armenians,Ukrainians,etc.And it’s perfectly legal just as it was in the other instances.
These butchers who run their own abortuaries are completely beyond the reach of the law because John Q Citizen doesn’t want to know or doesn’t care what goes on in those abbatoirs much like the Germans who were aware of the concentration camps.

These butchers remind me of the villians in “the Treasure of Sierra Madre”,who said,“Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!”

I did google ‘aborted babies left to die’ and the first page of hits pertain to the congressional testimony of one person and a couple Daily Mail articles.

Look, I believe that abortion is murder. I believe that all life is sacred. But when people make wildly grandiose claims that can not be backed up with facts, it hurts the pro life cause.

If this problem did, indeed, occur “routinely”, then individual cases would not be news and would not make the top pages in a web search. From what I can see, it happens occasionally. That is still terrible.

I’ve actually heard a personal story of it. One of my high school teacher’s father is a doctor who saved the life of an baby girl who was aborted and I believe was found in a trash bin still alive. I believe she’s now a doctor.


I stand by my claim-most aborted babies are dismembered in the womb.Those who are forced out through saline injection are LEFT TO DIE.In the “old” days they would try to save the baby for two reasons 1)It was born,2)It was aborted in a HOSPITAL not a Planned Parenthood butchershop,where there are no ethics nor oversite.
When I was atThe March For Life In Ottawa-we heard the testimony of a mother of five whose own mother had her aborted at 5 months gestation.She came out ALIVE and the doctors saved her because she was BORN.She said she was one of the few who were saved this way.Nowadays with no oversight these children are left to die,or are killed and thrown out,as “medical waste”.These are not “wildly grandiose claims” and I resent you claiming they are.
If you don’t believe me fine,I could care less.Why don’t YOU go to your local pro-life centre and ask THEM.
And then report back here with your findings.:rolleyes:

Abortion Survivor Takes Obama to Task Over Born Alive Infants Protection Act in New Ad
"If Barack Obama had his way I would not be here."


By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

September 16, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - BornAliveTruth.org has produced a video ad in which abortion survivor Gianna Jessen questions Barack Obama for his active opposition as state senator to the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

“Can you imagine not giving babies their basic human rights, no matter how they entered our world?” begins the ad. “My name is Gianna Jessen, born 31 years ago after a failed abortion. I’m a survivor, as are many others…but if Barack Obama had his way, I wouldn’t be here.”

"Unfortunately, Barack Obama voted four times against affording these babies their most basic human right. I have serious concerns about Senator Obama’s record and views on this issue, given he voted against these protections four times as a state Senator. Just as abuse victims share their stories to educate the public, fight for the common good and hope that as a result politicians do what’s right, I felt it was important to come forward and give these newborn babies a voice."

Autopsy Confirms “Aborted” Baby was Born Alive at Abortion Clinic
Staff member cut the umbilical cord and placed the baby into a red biohazard bag


By Hilary White

MIAMI, December 4, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) – An autopsy report has been released by Operation Rescue showing that a baby who died in a Florida abortion mill in July was born alive. Abortion facility staff placed the child still breathing and moving into a plastic medical waste bag.

Hialeah Police had previously stated that they were awaiting the results of an autopsy on the child’s remains before pursuing possible charges.

On July 20, an 18-year old woman went to a for-profit abortion facility owned by Belkis Gonzalez and Siomara Senises. She gave birth to a living baby girl while sitting in a recliner in the facility’s recovery room. The child’s mother, Sycloria Williams told police that she had watched her daughter moving and gasping for air for approximately five minutes.

Abortuary Sued for Murder of Newborn Baby Stuffed into Biohazard Bag: Funeral Rites Held


By Kathleen Gilbert

HIALEAH, Florida, October 15, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A civil suit has been launched against the owner of an abortuary for the murder of a newborn baby girl who, having survived an abortion, was stuffed into a medical waste bag filled with bleach and discarded. The girl’s funeral was held in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday, two years after her death.

Florida lawyer Tom Pennekamp Jr., former president of the Dade County Bar Association and an expert in major personal injury cases, has joined forces with the Thomas More Society of Chicago to press charges in the case surrounding the death of Shanice Denise Osbourne.

In July of 2006, the child’s mother, 22 weeks pregnant, went to the A Gyn Diagnostic Center in Hialeah complaining of stomach pains after her attempted abortion, according to Christian Newswire. Witnesses said that while waiting for the doctor to arrive, baby Shanice was born, and for a few minutes struggled to breathe. One member of the unlicensed staff of the center then cut the umbilical cord, threw it and the baby into a red biohazard bag, and walked out.

Premature Live Babies Taken from Ukraine Maternity Wards Sold For Body Parts?


KHARKOV, Ukraine, September 12, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A UK report has revealed that the booming unborn baby parts market may have also now spilled over into born babies, with allegations that newborn babies are disappearing from Ukraine maternity wards to fuel the increasing demand.

One Ukrainian research institute advertises foetal body parts, such as “Foetus spleen cells,” and “fragments of foetus spine.” The Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the National Academy of Sciences claims all the materials for sale are produced legally from early aborted babies.

In the Ukraine, however, any baby born less than 27 weeks gestational age or weighing under 1 kg (21b 3oz) is registered as an “abortion.” Human rights activists told the UK’s Times on Line they believe the unregistered babies, whether alive or dead are in many instances taken from their mothers and never returned, to be sold for body parts.

Now I’m done trying to prove the obvious to you.And by the way don’t Canadian,Ukrainian and English babies count?If not,why not?

Saved the "best" for last.Warning,If you cry easily DO NOT read this.

Canadian Researchers Named In Report On Baby Parts Market


Re-printed with the permission from the Alberta Report ___________________________________

August 23, 1999

Secrets of the Dead-Baby Industry

Aborted fetuses are being dissected alive, harvested and sold in pieces to fuel a vast research enterprise

by Celeste McGovern

The doctor walked into the lab and set a steel pan on the table. "Got you some good specimens, "he said. "Twins." The technician looked down at a pair of perfectly formed 24-week-old fetuses moving and gasping for air. Except for a few nicks from the surgical tongs that had pulled them out, they seemed uninjured. "There's something wrong here," the technician stammered. "They are moving. I don't do this. That's not in my contract." She watched the doctor take a bottle of sterile water and fill the pan until the water ran up over the babies' mouths and noses. Then she left the room. "I would not watch those fetuses moving," she recalls. "That's when I decided it was wrong."

The technician uses the pseudonym "Kelly." She has her back to the camera, she wears a wig, and her voice is electronically modified because she says she fears for her life. Until a few months ago Kelly worked for a Maryland company called the Anatomic Gift Foundation. Her job was to procure fetal tissue for research. She worked at a Planned Parenthood clinic that was also a member of the National Abortion Federation. Her interview appears on the May issue of "Life Talk" video magazine-the first of a monthly series of videos released by Life Dynamics Inc., a renegade pro-life group based in Denton, Texas, that admits to having spies work in abortion clinics to uncover their most closely guarded secrets.

This week the group is releasing the documentary evidence it has gathered since Kelly approached them nearly two years ago. Life Dynamics has dozens of order forms from researchers requesting fetal parts, price lists for fetal organs and tissue, and donation consent forms for women undergoing abortion. It offers a gruesome glimpse at a vast trade in human tissue from babies that are aborted, and sometimes vivisected, to satiate the exploding multibillion-dollar biotechnology industry.

The traffic in tissue flows worldwide into respected tax- funded laboratories, including Canadian ones. The research itself is usually for laudable goals, from helping prenatal infants survive to curing Parkinson's disease. But the trade, worth billions, raises myriad ethical questions: Are some humans being killed to benefit others? Are women being exploited to support tissue collection? Who is profiting from the trade? And what are the social implications of its existence?


Note date 1999 now do you think secular "ethics" have gotten better or worse?These are the tip of the iceberg-the vast majority are NEVER exposed to the light of day and reported on.

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