Horror Movies Are

This was made for a discussion in Site Feedback, and I didn’t want the potential discussion to go to waste.

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Some of the fake screams, horrible make-up art and reaction timing are pretty laughable, depending on the budget. :wink:
P.S. I do give my respects to make-up artists though, that stuff looks hard to do, especial old age make-up.

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There are good horror movies and bad horror movies. Two examples of good horror movies – subjectively speaking, just my own personal taste – are The Omen and Sixth Sense. Nothing to do with comedy at all.

Conversely, there are good comedies and bad comedies. Nothing to do with horror movies.

And then there is Young Frankenstein. Certainly a good comedy – one of the very best, in fact. You might even classify it as a horror movie as well, in which case it would rank, once again, as one of the very best.


I was going to make espresso. :nerd_face:

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The Sixth sense did scare me a lot as a kid. Now looking back at it, it wasn’t all that bad.
Same thing with IT, but it still does give me the creeps! (the original version, I do like the remake, but I forever love the original more).

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