Horror Movies: Trash or Treasure?

I have a confession to make. I’m a horror movie glutton. I would say if you looked at the movies I’ve rented in the past year, 90% of them would be horror movies. For me Halloween encompases the entire month of October, when I try to cram as many horror films as I can in the next 31 days, culminating with a marathon viewing of the “Halloween” films on All Hallow’s Eve.

I’ve always enjoyed reading scary stuff, but I didn’t even see my first horror film until I was 16. Something clicked and I found myself enjoying them, but I didn’t really make them the bulk of my watching until after 9/11. Isn’t that odd? It was like it was nice to get scared by monsters that could be killed and to see evil always fall in defeat against good. shrug

With the exception of George Romero’s zombie films, excess gore generally turns me off, and I don’t like the torture films that seem to so popular now. What I do like is the old black and white monster movies, Hitchcock, Stephen King adaptations, slashers, paranormal events, and thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000 I’ve also developed an enjoyment of bad horror movies, because I just sit there and make fun of it. I don’t get off on the violence, I just like to be scared and jump a little in my seat.

So what do you guys think about horror movies? My mother thinks they’re awful, and I guess I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t have some question on whether being a horror buff is the most Christian thing to be, though I never watch movies that degrade faith. I dunno…just interested in ya’ll viewpoints? :slight_smile:

I love GOOD horror movies. That is well made,acted and directed. I have a problem with gore hounds who could care less about the qaulity of the movie, story, acting etc as long as the there are gallons and gallons of blood and guts.

Now, if a film is made good, the blood guts dont bug me, but a gore hound I aint. I aint into **** like Cannibal Holocaust or D’Amato flicks.

I’m OK, but you need professional help.:smiley:

Yes, I also loved the classic horror films of like, from the 1930s through the 50s and even some the Hammer films of 60s (I think Christopher Lee is one the all time great Draculas). As long as good wins out over evil, I think they should be all right.

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