Horror show opened my mind to evil?

My wife and I enjoy watching some Japanese animation here and there. Over this past summer, we decided to watch a horror-themed show that where unknown forces caused people to die mysterious (and often very graphic) deaths. The show was scary, and we enjoyed the thrill of it, but in the months following, I’ve found myself having some very disturbing thoughts of violence or death.

I don’t know if the two are directly correlated, and I don’t take in a regular dose of horror shows or movies. When I was younger I enjoyed the Nightmare on Elm St. series and some of the other “cheesy 80’s” type flicks, but that’s the most I ever delved into the genre. That said, since I’ve been married the past 3 years, and my wife doesn’t typically enjoy these kinds of movies, I haven’t really watched them in the interim years. I wonder if I was previously desensitized to these types of movies and scenes, lost that callousness, and am now having a bad mental reaction to them?

It bothers me most because I’m a stay-at-home dad, and sometimes these disturbing thoughts relate to my kid. It scares me a bit, and I don’t really know what to do about it. I’m a bit concerned that if I talk to someone about it, they’ll think I’ve gone nutjob and involve the authorities. When it’s happened, I’ve prayed about it, but I could really use some advice on how to tackle these thoughts.

You watch Higurashi, didn’t you? That show is creepy.

I’m a horror buff personally, so I can’t relate entirely, but I would say that I doubt the show has much to do with it. I’m far more apt to have violent thoughts after watching the news than after watching a horror movie or show; movies show fake violence, the news shows real violence, which is far more jarring.

Also, you should watch Sword Art Online with your wife, it’s an awesome anime :stuck_out_tongue:

It wasn’t Higurashi, but I won’t name the show only so that people won’t be tempted to curiosity.

I have been attempting to fill my head with more positive influences over two months, and I think it’s beginning to help. We do watch Sword Art Online, funny enough, because it has a much more uplifting storyline about good overcoming bad.

Again, I’m not sure the two can be directly correlated, but the timing fits and the only other thing I saw during that same time frame was the movie Prometheus. That movie also had some disturbing imagery, but not on the same level as the show I watched.

Honestly, even just putting all this out here makes me feel a bit better about it (not bottled up inside anymore), but I’d still really appreciate more suggestions and opinions.

Wish I had some wisdom for you. I’m a horror aficionado but I do know that we are garbage in=garbage out, just like computers. I can feel my moods and thoughts change depending upon what I read, view, etc. After watching a “wholesome” program or movie I am more apt to smile, treat others kindly, and just be a better person. Knowing that, I’ve kinda been putting more restraint on what I choose to view. I think it’s human nature.

I don’t know what to tell you. Glad you vented and hope it helps. Keep us updated. :thumbsup:

I am very curious what the series was :stuck_out_tongue: Could you pm it to me?

And yes, SWO is very uplifting and good…usually… I won’t say any more in case of spoilers.

If the media you watch has an affect on your mood, then I highly suggest you focus on more positive series and movies. Whenever I do feel some bad effects from a horror movie I just watched I usually put in a comedy. CLUE is really good are erasing any of those feelings. It’s hilarious! (Tim Curry, Angela Landsbury, Christopher Lloyd, it has a great cast :p)

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