Horse breaks down, euthanized on track

Horse breaks down, euthanized on track:

I’m not an animal nut. I have no problem killing pigs, deer, cows for food, but I do believe animals should be treated with respect. They are also God’s creations after all.

I find this appalling. Couldn’t they have sedated the horse and taken the poor animal in for treatment?

The lucrative Horse Racing industry must certainly have the funds available to care for the animals. The real culprit here is unethical horse breeding practices and possible drug use.

What does everyone else think about this practice? I personally find such practices appalling. Yes, I support hunting, but cruelty to animals for cruelty’s sake (Bull fighting, Dog fighting) I find appalling.

From what I know, there is no treatment possible for horses that break their legs. They can not live very long in a prone position, so once the legs are seriously compromised, death is inevitable. Putting them down quickly is the most humane thing.

Look at the Barbaro incident. He was much less seriousy injured, but the legs are so delicate that he eventually died.

The owners do everything possible to save these animals b/c they are worth so much $$ in breeding fees.

Inbreeding is a separate issue.

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Ah! Thanks for the heads up.

I recall we had a thread when the incident happened, an dthose who know more about it, and the sports commentators when I watched, stated the horse could not even be moved from the track for treatment the damage was so bad.

It is terrible and I was watching the Derby when they had to put her down. Very sad and yes, I cried. But the PP is correct. There is very little that can be done for horses when they break a bone in their legs. They used to shoot them so I think the injection is a little bit more humane. I agree that we shouldn’t euthanize animals if there is a chance for treatment but in certain circumstances, it is better becaus it alleviates the animal’s suffering.

I am no horse expert but I have read a bit on this and from what I have been reading a big problem is that they race these poor horses WAY too young. Their bones aren;t even fully done growing apparently until a few years of age and wasn;t this Filly under 2 years? Not to mention apparently how they breed these animals can be a big problem too because they breed for speed not for endurance, and I could have sworn I read something about the stallion that sired her having weak ankles…hmmm. Anyway this was really sad news I think made even worse by the fact that steps could have been taken like racing her when she was older to help stop something like this from happening. Who knows though maybe this will become the first step in starting to race horses when they are 3-4 and not 1-2. And not just racing really that should probably be the same for any horse related sport. Here is an good blog entry on this subject

In fact, I think they went way overboard with Barbaro, prolonging his agony so long in the hopes that they could save him. He must have suffered terribly, the poor beast.

The Derby is a Grade I stakes race open to three year olds.
A fracture of the cannon and sesamoid bones is almost 100% fatal if it occurs in only one leg, much less two. Also, more than one commentator mentioned that Eight Belles was at least 17 hands, which is rather large for a racehorse (keeping in mind that Secretariat and Man O’ War were only 16’2 -I believe). As a larger horse, she may have been less mature at this stage, but that is speculation.

How many horses have you read about that were put down on the field? I remember just this one. So, unless someone can prove that there is a rash of such incidents I am not going to second guess the horse racers.

We have to remember that the people who own these animals have a interest in not letting them get hurt. The owners loose money if they don’t take the precautions that are necessary to keep these horses alive and running.

Well wasn;t there one about two years ago as well? And I just did a quick search and found this link which appears to describe 17 fatal breakdowns on one track in one year. Then we have to consider what about all the horses that donlt make it big? Of all the horses that are bred and raised to race…probably only a handful will make it to the big televised races. And just because a breakdown doesn;t happened on national television doesn;t mean they donlt happen.

I should also note that I am not against horse racing nor do I think the trainers and jockeys are horrible people that donlt care about their horses. I just think that this is a sad event that maybe could have been prevented. The blog entry I posted in my other post says it a lot better then I could anyway and it is from a person that does actually appear to know a thing or two about horses and what not.

Also here is an interesting link I found that goes into a lot of detail about horse development…

I don’t agree that jockeys and trainers are people who don’t care about horses. I my opinion, the problem of racing babies has been around for a long time. When they are young, their bones are not as strong as they will be when they are fully mature at about age 6 to 8. Another reason they break down is that an older horse isn’t as likely to keep running if he is hurting. A youngster gives his whole heart and doesn’t have enough sense to protect himself. The racing rules in this country need to be changed allowing older horses to run and barring the 2-3 year olds from qualification. So far, that hasn’t happened.

Right then… let’s see… backing TB’s before 2, racing them before 3 when their joints have not fused properly, not to mention the dodgy farrier practices… The racing industry is not designed with the welfare of the horses in mind. It is a profit making venture and owners, although they may love their horses, are ultimately in it for the money. It isn’t much better in the UK. I’ve worked on several yards; I’ve seen it firsthand.

I will work harder… I will work harder…

Comrade Napolean is always right!

Off to the glue factory.

I’m not an animal nut. I have no problem killing pigs, deer, cows for food, but I do believe animals should be treated with respect. They are also God’s creations after all.

My views on the subject reflect that of Peter Singer and I even reflect his own habits of abnegation.

Killing the horse right there on the track was certainly stupid from a PR standpoint, but the right thing to do. As you say, horses don’t recover from a broken leg.

Here at Saratoga last year a horse broke its leg and the owner tried some new treatment keeping it afloat in a pool (so no pressure on the leg – I don’t recall all the details) but it still took sick and died.

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