Horton Hears a Who movie

New Film of Doctor Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who to Raise Pro-Life Questions

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They can deny that the story is not about being Pro-Life, but you can’t deny the parallels and often in art, the creation creates its own meaning, despite its author.

I’m sorry that neither Dr. Seuss nor his wife really understood what his story was about!

Another story I find has remarkable pro-life parallels is Isaac Asimov’s short story The Ugly Little Boy. It is about a Neanderthal child who is brought into our time for scientists to observe. His teacher/foster mother comes to love him and is appalled when they plan to send him back, knowing that he will die. The scientists justify this because he is not a fully developed human being and argue that keeping him in our time uses up too much money and energy.

Asimov was a self proclaimed secular humanist, although that doesn’t necessarily mean he was not pro-life. I have never read what his position was on this issue but I suspect he was pro-abortion. Interestingly, Asimov himself has said that The Ugly Little Boy was his favorite of his short stories.

I can’t wait for the movie! And I plan to remember that quote from now on.


My nephew was in Seussical:The Musical and “Horton Hears A Who” was one powerful song and the plot of Horton hearing the Who’s was important throughout. I have the musical on tape and everytime Horton sings that a person is a person no matter how small I tear up and can’t help but think of the unborn and I wonder if anyone who sees the musical thinks the same thing. “Mrs. Dr. Seuss” reminds me of the Sour Kangaroo who doesn’t believe Horton. She can’t stop us from believing along with Horton no matter how she tries to spin it.

I use that line as my signature on a secular board I post on. Gets a lot of nasty comments. :thumbsup: That’s why I do it–to make people think for just a second.

It is sad that they can write that phrase and be blind. I am thinking of the other Horton book. Horton Hatches the Egg in this book the mother abandons her unborn baby but Horton keeps him alive.

I love the Horton books but I have been SO disappointed in the big screen movies of Dr Seuss. Since these were made after his death it makes me wonder about his heirs. They seem to be in it just for the money. To me the movies seemed to take away from the meaning in the books

I can’t help but wonder how Dr.Seuss could write such a book and then be pro-abortion. It just doesn’t make any sense. The point of the story speaks directly to the pro-life position. Could he really have been such a selfish human being that he recognized the humanity of the unborn but didn’t care as some of our pro-abortion ‘friends’ seem to?

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