Horus and Jesus

Please watch this youtube video then comment…youtube.com/watch?v=Z-17BNU7L6g

Jesus and Horus have more difference then similarities. Those people who attack Jesus by comparing Him to mythical or historical figures - in an attempt to show He is not God-Man or not real - use what I like to call the Copycat Attack.


Lies all lies. Do some research. They are being dishonest. This is usually the case when one asserts something that is not true. Watch this.


Total and absolute nonsense. Horus and Jesus have no similarities -none.

I haven’t looked at the video nor will I. I suggest reading “A History of Christendom” volume 1 by Warren H. Carroll and reading up on the historian Flavius Josephus of ancient Rome.

I’m about two minutes into it and already I’m cringing. I used to be an Egyptology major. Horus was not a sun god. The god Ra-Horakhty (whom they are showing pictures of in the video) was a composite of the sun god Ra and the falcon-headed god Horus. Hence the sun-disc on top of a falcon head. And I’m already highly suspicious about where this whole “zodiac” thing might be heading. It looks like they’re using the typical Greco-Roman zodiac, which we tend to think of as THE zodiac. The only problem? The ancient Egyptians used a different zodiac. I’ll respond some more when I’ve watched it all the way through. :thumbsup:

Please do:thumbsup:

  • The word “horizon” does not come from the name Horus - it’s Greek. source
  • The word “hours” is also Greek. source
  • The word “sunset” couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the sun appearing to set down, could it? :rolleyes:
  • Again, Horus was not a sun god.
  • Horus and Set were not brothers, although they were definitely rivals. Set was the brother of Osiris, Horus’ father.
  • In any case, “Set” is the Anglicized version (via the Greek “Sethos”) of the god’s name. In the Egyptian it’s Setekh or Sutekh. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of a “sunsetekh.” :wink:
  • I’ve never heard about Horus having been born on Dec. 25th. And you’ll note that a source is not provided.
  • Horus’ mother was not a virgin, and her name was not Ises-Mary. Her name was Isis (Egyptian: Aset, Iset, or Eset), and she was the sister-wife of Osiris. Set killed Osiris and cut his body up into 14 pieces, which he scattered throughout Egypt. Isis collected the pieces and put Osiris back together. Then she temporarily resurrected him, and copulated with him in the form of a kite. Horus was the result of this very physical engendering. See this picture from the temple of Denderah in Egypt
  • Neither have I heard of his birth being accompanied by a star in the east. Could be wrong, of course.
  • Again, I’ve never heard of 3 kings coming to adorn baby Horus. His mother kept his very existence a secret for fear that Set would kill him as well. (Horus was the rightful pharaoh.)
  • Never heard of any of this child teacher at 12/baptized at 30/12 disciples stuff. Horus was raised in secret and trained as a warrior to avenge his father’s murder.
  • Ditto to the alleged titles of Horus.
  • Horus was not killed, buried for 3 days, and then resurrected. The only Egyptian god who was ever killed was Osiris, who was temporarily resurrected to conceive his son. He then became king of the underworld (i.e., he remained there permanently).
  • Note the lack of sources for all the other gods. And I’m pretty sure that the god Dionysus was the result of Zeus’ hanky-panky with a nymph or minor goddess. Don’t quote me on that, though.
  • I have no idea about the astronomy/astrology stuff. But again, I’m highly skeptical. So far this video has given so much misinformation that I’m really not willing to start trusting it all of a sudden.
  • Well, at least they’re correct that Bethlehem means “house of bread.”
  • All this is essentially the same garbage Dan Brown spouts in the Da Vinci Code.

And there ya go. :thumbsup:

Truth is beauty, I’ve seen your posts through these fora.

You really love stirring up the pot with your drive-by postings, don’t you?

I’ve seen your pitiful attempts to make evolution say that morality is meaningless.

Why do you post things like this?

I posted this cluny because I was never confronted with this argument before. So I used this forum to get to the bottom of this. I knew it wasnt true but I need some material.

Actually God, Horus, Allah, the flying spaghetti monster, Russell’s teapot, the invisible pink unicorn. All have the same truth value. There is no evidence for their existence and yet when we say: unicorns exist, you say: nah that is nonsense. But with god, who haves the same truth value, you don’t.

No Evidence ?? Haha… We have plenty of evidence of God my little atheist friend. I know your probably pretty young , your probably around 19 to 20. So Im going to treat ya like a little brother.

First off little Jimmy , Do you want to have a real discussion or do you join Catholic message boards because you have nothing better to do?

Stop making Donkey comparsions with unicorns too Ok your not bill maher or richard dawkins…

So what ya say little Jimmy you want to have a civil discussion here or what?

Why do you feel it necessary to talk down to people?

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