host desecration on Youtube

I just received an email asking me to send a petition to Youtube to protest a video of someone descrating a supposedly consecrated host. I haven’t looked on Youtube for this video, but does anyone know if this is real?

I would not give them the time of day, YouTube or the desecrators. Just pray.

Yes, it’s real. The desecrater is P.Z. Myers, a biology professor at some university in Mininesota. I won’t go into the details – it burns me too much – but if you do a search here at CAF you can find a number of threads on the subject.

P.Z. Myers is back at it, BTW, organizing a hate mail ebomb to the web site of Pharmacists for Life International. You can read the details here:

Prof Who Desecrated the Eucharist Now Leads Attack against Pro-Life Pharmacist


There has been a lot of copy cats also. It’s the price we pay for free speech, just as we have Christians on youtube that have in the past said neo-pagans should have there children taken away from them instead of being allowed to grow up in a home where witchcraft is the norm.

***All I can say is that this man is going to be accountable for desecration of the Holy Eucharist!

It won’t be nice. He needs prayers. I have said a prayer and will sign off.

:tsktsk: ***

I read about the atheist desecration challenge. It is a young man who is taking his cues from Prof. Myers. He has a series of videos doing horrible things with the Eucharist. I couldn’t bring myself to watch them. The titles were bad enough. :frowning:

Considering the way these folks make fun of the Eucharist as being “just a cracker,” why would they bother making sure it is consecrated?

I agree, we need to pray.

Disgusting! This stuff really burns me. I will pray for them.

This can motivate us to love the Eucharist even more, you know. Jesus is loves us enough to make Himself so vulnerable-- just for us! What a good God we have.

It is extremely horrible even to think of. I won’t watch. But they can’t “win”. I hope everyone here knows that. Love always conquers.:slight_smile:

Adoration for reparation.

Can someone post a link to this supposed YouTube video. If it is inappropriate, there is a little button that you can click to report it. Enough reports and YouTube will pull it. After all, it is a serious attack on a religion and that probably violates their terms of service.

While I know Meyers claims he has done this, I will not believe it is on YouTube until I see it.

To find the other videos do a search for “Eucharist Desecration.” The username is fsmdude.

I am shocked by the number atheists on youtube. There are thousands of clips of people giving their ‘deconversion stories,’ many of them are middle school aged children. It appears to be the lastest fad. It breaks my heart.

I commented:

5 minutes of “fame.”

Big loser.

Of course, we all want to protect Our Lord!

Reflect on what was done to Him when he was here with us.

Woe to these souls. Pray!

God Bless.
+Pax, -Dawn

Thank you for the link. I clicked the “Flag” button and reported it as “hateful”.

Disgusting and sad. Pray for them.

I should add that I refused to actually watch, knowing what it was. I just reported it. I encourage everyone who is aware of this to click the “Flag” button and report this as “hateful”.

Thank you all for your responses. I received an email from Robert Ritchie at regarding these videos. The email had a petition to sign.

I was worried this would become a fad among the Dawkins groupies. For people so intellectually superior, they sure are incredibly childish. I just hope all or at least some of these are unconsecrated wafers. Of course, Christ Himself can’t be damaged by these antics; it is the souls of these people that are damaged. I wish we had the fairly benign Carl Sagan type non-believers back; now it seems they’ve returned to the Voltaire model of mockery. Not content to simply be atheists, they are compelled to be bombastically anti-religious and especially anti-Christian. Their bigotry is no different from that of old anti-Catholic groups like the No-Nothing Party or the KKK. “It’s just a cracker!” they say. Even if it is, so what? It’s our cracker. Do I walk into your house, throw out your mother’s ashes, and say “It’s just dust!” Their deliberate antagonism is going to lead nowhere good for anybody.

Perhaps the Church should, as an emergency protective measure, allow churches to start distributing Communion solely in the form of the Precious Blood, until these bullies get bored and go torment someone else. It’s awfully difficult to steal a sip of liquid.

When he sees our loving Lord (if his act does not lead him into deeper and deeper sin, to the point where he does not desire God in ANY way, and goes the other way for his eternity) and he sees what he did to our Lord, and sees how his actions affected others, he will suffer the most terrible, the most painful remorse. We should pray for him.

I have seen the title of the video but did not bother to actually watch it. I know how I am so I decided not to watch. Instead I just would like to watch other great videos on the Eucharist. A couple of people even commented on my Eucharist video saying that they were doing a search for desecration of the Eucharist by Prof Myers and they found mine among those awful ones.

One thing I will never do on YouTube is to let those people scare me away. I have but a few videos there and there are other Catholics that are also trying to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ on YouTube. A very easy thing to do is to hit the “flag” button on a video. But petitions? I just don’t know.

Please click on the link to my Eucharist video in my siggy. Please comment if you wish. But if any of you out there are going to try to put a rude comment on my video it won’t work. :smiley:

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