Host Dilemma

A very religious friend recently mentioned that while saying the rosary at a nursing home it has been brought to her attention that the elderly Eucharistic Minister is “careless” with the Host when giving it to the Catholic residents. She has dropped it several times and when she picks it up…just puts it in her pants pocket and says I’ll consume it later. What about any fragments that stay in the pocket? What if she forgets and washes the pants?

My friend was wondering what to say to the person without “upsetting” her. I told her she should say something, but be charitable. It won’t do any good to mention to our pastor because he jokes with EM’s while handing out the Host at the altar.

What has happened to respect for the Eucharist? :eek:

For those that are in the bad habit of leaving mass after communion, I’d say to them…Judas was the first to leave mass early.

It’s hard to believe this story is true, but if it is, why be concerned about upsetting the person showing such disrespect. The EMHC should be made quite upset; that is to say, she should be made aware of her grievous handling of the Eucharist so that with understanding she becomes beside herself with her transgression.

If you don’t feel comfortable telling the pastor, I would immediately bring this to the attention to the diocese. EM’s are trained to consume a dropped host on the spot, or hold it in your hand until you are finished and consume it at the altar when you return. It just might be a matter of more training and understanding than deliberate disrespect, but I wouldn’t mess around concerning the Eucharist and act right away!

It’s one thing for the priest to talk with the EMs when handing them the communion. This is a whole different level of disrespect. Bring it to the priest’s attention. If he declines to do something about it, bring it to the bishop’s attention.

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