Host of MTV 2009 Awards Jokes about Rape

i haven’t watched mtv since the 80’s and i have no idea who these people are, but this should be discussed especially with those of you that have teens at home.

the most offensive comment i heard (in the tiny amount i could stomach to watch) was when the non-talented host, russell brand joked about drugging a young actress.

“She has admitted she is a little bit cuckoo upstairs and I have trained in psychiatry. So Megan, if you do have a little dizzy spell love, I could probably drop you a little pill. You can go and have a lie down in my dressing room. You might get some crazy dreams about being visited by a scarecrow, a perfumed weirdo leaning over you. But let me tell you, that’s a common side-effect. Megan, take your medicine.”*

taken from here

and msn is the only notable news site to have mentioned it.

meanwhile it’s everywhere about kanye west getting drunk and interrupting someone’s acceptance speech which was most likely staged anyway.

as women, we have not come very far in society and things are only going to get worse. porn is becoming the norm, more graphic and disturbing in all forms of visual media.

only 19 years ago this horrible comment would have been all over the news with sponsors dropping , but now nothing. even jack black invoking satan would have made headlines. sigh.

The sad thing is that people actually watch this stuff.

What he said may be a little too subtle for some viewers who don’t know what a date rape drug is, but joking about rape is just wrong.

I wonder if MTV will issue an apology.

i think you are right about it being too subtle for some viewers, (i’d say mainly many older adults), but the younger crowd is well aware of date rape drugs and so was everyone in the audience. i didn’t hear any BOO’s.

mtv’s a joke. kind of like the mcdonald’s of the music scene.

but i do hope this gets some attention.

I don’t think MTV will issue an apology HyeDetroit. MTV sponsors a kids website that allows sado masochists and paedophiles to interact with children. Russell Brand’s comment doesn’t surprise me. He and British TV presenter, Jonathan Ross, bragged about having sexual relations with another British actor’s daughter and then told the father of said daughter to go hang himself. It was all on live radio.:frowning:

People still watch MTV? I thought everyone moved over to MTV2?

– The 2009 Video Music Awards was watched by over 26.9 million viewers
on MTV, MTV2 and VH1 on Sunday night. This is up +17% from the 23
million who tuned in to MTV/MTV2 last year.

The “2009 MTV Video Music Awards” will be available to a potential viewing
audience of more than 1.2 billion people via MTV’s global network of 68
channels reaching 577 million households around the world as well as through
syndication. In addition, its convergent programming & content will reach the
entire interactive community, via MTV’s more than 200 digital media properties
around the world.

It is no wonder that the world sees the USA as a bunch of ill-mannered people who have no values.

Does anyone know what sponsors to complain to and/or who to complain to about this as I am sure the Main Stream Media will not even call attention to these comments?

Gam197, unfortunately no one cares.Illicit sex, prostitution, paedophilia is running rampant in the world. No one cares. I brought a topic to this site trying to inform people
of a website grooming children into said activities and this site bans it. I think everyone is out for money and themselves and that includes these people here at Catholic Answers. Everything is a scam and a con. Everything is about money.:frowning:
I pray for the world to end soon.

good for caf to not let you post it. there are minors on this forum that don’t need to see that. in addition, every hit that site gets gives them money.

CAF is doing a great job and it costs money to run such a large site like this; with the amount of traffic they get they have to pay for the bandwidth. making money out of honest work is fine. CAF isn’t exploiting anyone, causing any harm or gouging it’s clients. in fact we should thank them for making this site FREE.

i know how you feel though about feeling hopeless, but all is not lost. it takes time, but sponsors do respond if enough people email them.

here is a list of some of their partners (used loosely):

sonic was also a big sponsor of the awards.

i just don’t understand why the women’s rights groups have been silent on this? they must have some interns on board that caught the nightmare, russell brand.

like i say those without talent always resort to shock value.

and i hope you are not suffering from depression. don’t pray for the world to end, pray for peace in our lifetime and ask God to show you how you can make this a better place. when i die i want to look back on my life and know that i made something better for someone. hopefully a whole lot of people, but even if i only helped one person it would still be worth it.

if i ever start an orphanage, you can come help me and we’ll teach the kids right from wrong. i’ll never forget one sister that had her entire 2nd grade class write to revlon to protest their testing on animals. lo and behold we got a letter back and they soon stopped the practice! :slight_smile:

Originally Posted by whitewings View Post
Gam197, unfortunately no one cares.Illicit sex, prostitution, paedophilia is running rampant in the world. No one cares. I brought a topic to this site trying to inform people
of a website grooming children into said activities and this site bans it. I think everyone is out for money and themselves and that includes these people here at Catholic Answers. Everything is a scam and a con. Everything is about money.
I pray for the world to end soon.

Don’t feel discouraged by the banning on Catholic answers. I know how you feel but often it is how you approach or explain it. They won’t let you link to it because they don’t want the children to link to it.

With the many things that this site allow discussion on:rolleyes:, I can’t see why you can’t discuss the site so don’t get discouraged just because you feel they are blocking it. Again think about how to post it (without being too explicit) and make people aware. I think you are feeling discouraged by all that you see, many of us have similar feelings and are trying to be pro-active, so please pray for a revival of values.

Thanks for the links, Jen Fla,

I’ll be making phone calls.

I’ don’t follow the guy, but apparently Russell Brand is from Europe and is an English comedian…

Anyway, I’ve heard he’s said tasteless things before.

USA has a history of oscillating in wholesomeness to bawdiness in terms of decade trends. Right now I don’t know if we’re past the point of no return with the way the entertainment industry is now, and pop culture is encouraging youths…

there’s bawdy and then there’s rape.

there’s even a video game called rapelay. google it.
Anti-violence advocates are taking a stand against a video game in which players stalk and rape a mother and her two daughters.*

article here

we are raising monsters.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

I normally don’t post in the news section, but this article just makes me :mad:

As someone who was drugged and then raped, I find his “humor” disgusting. Making fun of people’s misery is boorish, uncouth, and juvenile (what I really want to say is not fit for a Catholic website :blush:).

:mad: :mad: :mad: is all can say


You know, I don’t allow my kids to watch MTV. I find nothing redeeming about the channel. I remember when they played music…now they think they are a valid news source. :rolleyes: I am normally pretty open minded and don’t stand over my kids – they have to learn to make their own decisions – BUT all I ask is, no MTV. It’s filth. Isn’t that the network that airs ‘‘Next?’’ Ugh…horrible. I flipped the channel one day, and saw this …I couldn’t believe it. So…we are a MTV free zone. :smiley:



I care. God has not abandoned the world.


i am with you in more ways than one.

i wanted to take a hammer to my tv set when i heard him speak.

most men have no clue how common rape is… i guess some women don’t either.

i have serious trust issues with men and the lack of reaction from the audience, the news, the sponsors makes me sick. i just gave whitewings a lame pep talk, :o but the truth is when it comes to men, faithful marriage, sex and love i think it’s almost hopeless. obviously there are some decent guys out there, but for how long can they withstand the overwhelming ubiquitous images of women as sex objects.

i know i’m all over the map here, but it’s tragic we are constantly told sex without love is fine.

and this is only going to get worse. think about television and movies when you were a child and go over the slow progression of sleaze making it’s way into the arena. porn will be the norm on prime time tv in less than a decade.

my parents told me that the flintstones used to be considered adult tv.

at any rate, i can kill my television, but i can’t break my internet connection.

and after i ranted on about MY feelings i realize i didn’t even mention how sorry i am to hear about what you went through. nobody deserves such pain. i’m here for you madamebuterly if you ever want to talk. :hug3:

Jen fla,
It hurts when I’m demeaned and stereotyped into a group that has largely been portrayed as lacking emotion, animalistic, and uncouth. Not all men are like that. I think the majority of men on this website would feel revolted by what was said that night.

my apologies to the decent men out there. my rant is mainly at the secular world. and you are right that most men on this site would feel revolted by his comment (which is why i LOVE hanging around here so much!), but as someone who went to Catholic school my whole life, i’d have to say that probably half the men in my high school would have been more amused by the shock value than revolted. on paper they might not agree, but i just can’t see them getting visibly upset over it. sadly enough date rape was common.

at any rate, hyedetroit, i didn’t mean to offend you and all the good men out there that have integrity. i thank God they exist!

ego sum rumex… i hope that’s right… “i am sorry”… these latin translators are fun.

MTV should issue an apology ,jokes of that nature are not funny.

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