Does recieving the host unworthily carry the penalty of excommunication?

I ask this because

ccc1367 states that a catholic who throws out takes and or retains the eucharist for sacriligous purposes incurs a latea sentenae ecommunication.

My question is , is what is meant by takes and or retains?

The other question is what do they mean by sacriligous purposes?

You just asked - and received answers to- this question a week ago.

The answer is NO.

PLEASE get spiritual direction for scruples if you continually think you are doing things that incur excommunication, commit mortal sins, etc. You post MANY questions on these sorts of things. Some regular spiritual direction would do you good.

Yes, you asked it a week ago quoting this same passage. You were given accurate information then and I’m giving you the same information now.

What part of this is confusing? It’s already been explained. Taking it with you out of the church without consuming it.

Physical desecration. For example, using it in occult rituals.

If that were so a lot of politicians would be warming their toes over some very hot coals, I think!:smiley:

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