Hostage to the Devil...Fact? Fiction? Both?

I am currently reading Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin. I am 90% through the book and it has me puzzled and frustrated. Some of the things discussed in the book seem contrary to the faith, such as Fr. Gerald referring to God as feminine in nature, not masculine. Fr. Gerald claimed that the reason God was viewed as masculine in the Old Testament was because of the misogynistic culture at the time. Also, in the last case study Fr. “Hearty” supposedly has psychic powers… I am really having trouble finishing the book because once I read that, I somewhat discounted everything that I had previously read as false, or distorted.

The book also has this theme of “1 on 1”…The devil vs. the priest.

Has anyone read this book? What did you think?

I haven’t but…

Isn’t God supposed to be neither male or female? :confused:

And the psychic powers could be revelation from God? :confused:

Yeah, I know he is neither male nor female gender wise, he is God, but I understood him as having a paternal relationship with us hence the name Father.

The psychic powers were ability to tell what other people were thinking. He referred to himself as a “receiver.” Malachi Martin also stated that psychic powers were only dangerous if they were thought to be spiritual, and not merely physical. I have no idea where the Church stands on that, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t hold up against Church teaching.

No, but I know of Fr. Malachi Martin. Read up on him. He became dissolutioned with everything – the Vatican, Vatican II, the Jesuits. I know before his death he did not use Fr. as a title any longer.

He was a frequent visitor on a radio program called “Coast to Coast” that still exists. It emphasizes the paranormal and there’s no conspiracy theory that this show does not cover.

Controversy followed Fr. Martin. Even now it’s not known if he was a secular priest – released from the Jesuits – or was completely laicized by the Vatican (which the Vatican claims).

Some of his claims certainly are “odd.” Know the history behind the person before engaging in any readings by the person.

I’m not sure if I read that one but I do have several others and they disturbed me, but for a different reason. He seemed to believe that the Vatican (and even the Popes) were being heretical, that there were Masonic cults as well as Satanic cults within the Vatican.

I stopped reading these, because I think that this was only his opinion and it disturbed me that his views on Blessed Pope Paul and then Cardinal Benedict were not very charitable to say the least.

Granted that I believe there are Satanic cults around, and maybe even in control in some areas of government, but I think the rest was pure speculation on his part.

I also wondered what the Church thought of him as well as his books, but never found that out.

If you want to know where that man stands, just Google his name. You will find it linked to Anti-Catholic material. From the Anit-Christ to the Church being a infiltrated by the satanism:eek:
He seems to be a fallen priest who had hatred in his heart about his Jesuit Order.

You can look him up and Wikipedia. It is the source of all knowledge after all.

A wise choice - your instinct is good!!

Malachi Martin is certainly an ‘odd’ and controversial character. I took a look at this info on wiki and it is enough to put me off reading anything of his.

His wild and unsubstantiated slanders against churchmen and the Vatican, from ‘low to high’ - eclipse most sensationally Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.

A very energetic man - what a waste of time and talent - who appeared to work against the Church for reasons we shall never know, yet had a type of love-hate relationship with them too.


I knew there was a lot of controversy surrounding him. I read threads(on this site) about this book and him before reading the book itself. Alot of people were for the book and Martin, and alot against. I figured that I would have to figure it out for myself. It’s hard to make judgments when everything is an allegation and not fact though.

LOL he was a frequent visitor on Coast to Coast? I have heard that show a few times while on road trips. Pretty bizarre. I wonder if I could pull up some of the archived episodes with him in it.


Likely there are – for a cost. Their archives are not free…

Sometimes the new host, George Noury, still mentions him and always as Malachi Martin, not Fr.

Here’s one; This is a replay because, as you know, Malachi Martin died in 1999. It’s 5 hours.

There is in the archives an interview with a follower of Martin’s as well.

The cases of exorcism given in the book are supposedly reported and archived within the church. But the stories have certainly been embellished for entertainment purposes. Although I would say you should take anything you read with a grain of salt and use your own God-given reasoning to determine what is truth, there were certain points that stood out in the stories. For example, the idea of the possessed persons being selected before they were born was an interesting recurring theme. I think it’s false to say that all exorcisms portrayed in the book as 1 on 1 (priest vs devil), as the priest in the ‘Girl Fixer’ case mistakenly does this and fails in the exorcism.

I read the book as well and found it disturbing. Not so much of the subject , but the content. One in particular was the name of the satanic priest in one case. His name was samson…my old dogs name…lol. No, but really, some things just didn’t feel right. Samson:blush:

Everyone knows God is a male. Because God is a boys name.

Don`t let Sean Connery and the makers of “Zardoz” see that! :smiley:

In their single-minded labours to destroy the Church, the Seventh Day Adventists make use of Malachi Martin`s writings. :mad:

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