Hostility from Jehovah's witnesses

I don’t know many Jehovah’s witnesses. I do work with three of them and they seem to have a lot of anger and hostility toward the Catholic Church. One of them asked me, “How can you believe in a religion that was started by a Roman Emperor?” Or that, “You are definitley going to hell.” Obviously I don’t know much about their faith. I also am not here to make fun of them. It’s hard to get a feel for there beliefs from 3 people. Have other people experienced this kind of theatment from them? God Bless

It is my undersatnding the JW’s do not beleive in Hell. So I would ask how I could be going there. But NO I have not met with that kind of hostility from them.

I wouldn’t take charges of heresy seriously from a group that openly denies the Trinity. :rolleyes:

Ok thanks. I actually clarified the point about Hell with the person who told me that. He works in the office next to me. He told me, “There is no way Iam going to Heaven with my current beliefs”

Your understanding of JW teaching on this point is correct.

To them, everybody simply dies and stays dead, until at doomsday, those who were faithful Witnesses will resume being. They base this on an interpretation of Psa 146 (“his thoughts perish” means no more mind).


There are a few Witnesses in our neighbourhood, and for a long time we used to study with them, occasionally observe Kingdom Hall meetings.

They often put passive-aggressive pressures on outsiders to convert. One of them, who lived on a street close to our church, had a habit of forcing a conversation in order to “stop” us from attending Mass. When one asked, “Do you think it’s right to go to Mass?” I said, “Yes. Would you like to come along?”

But I respect that they stick to their principles, especially modesty, cleanliness, and scriptural study. I think those aspects, especially study and cleanliness, are neglected in the Catholic community. As long as they don’t push me to convert I suppose they’re okay.

I have browsed through some of their publications called “The Watchtower”, and there were misconceptions about Catholicism in them.

They also believe that Jesus was Michael the Archangel before he became Jesus.

They also misunderstand the number in Revelation that says 144,000 will go to heaven. They take that literally. (I believe it is a number squared by 12, which means “a lot of people”.)

They are trained to be very cordial when they knock on doors to talk about the Bible. Sadly, some of them bragged about formerly being Catholics. They were obviously poorly catechized and fell for the lies that were told them.

You question to them should have been: How can you believe in a church that was started in 1879? Or, what you are trying to tell me is that God would allow a lie to be propagated for some 1879 years untill your guy came along with “the truth”? Good luck!

Or how the guy who started it had a very publicly poor record of predicting Christ’s return.

Yeah I told them Christ started the Catholic church. They seem to be very hung up on a Roman Emperor starting it. All I can do is pray for them.

I worked with a JW from Trinidad that was raised and educated through High School as a Catholic. It was obvious to me that he left the church because his wife was a JW and would not marry him outside of the JW. I understand this is quite common for them to use their women to lure men into their sect.
This man never came on to me about his religion-he knew better…I have a very low tolerance for such shenanigans in the work place.

Chances are at least one of them was targeted from the Catholic Church. They are very predatory in that regard - their website tells you as much. Try to hand them something about your faith. They will reject it. So much for their search for truth. They are only telling you what they essentially have been told to tell you. The WTBTS is a very controlling, limited access type organization. All info flows to and through their corporate headquarters. Monthly evangelization reports are required. Numbers matter. Only numbers, it seems.

Two things that will help you immensely: The Essential Catholic Survival Guide and Catholicism for Dummies.

The Catholic Answers guide, in addition to many other topics, explains the JW’s odd beliefs and offers several questions which they cannot answer. The Dummies book helps you to more fully know (and defend) your faith and is an easy read. I highly recommend both.

Do you know what their PAT answer is to all the errors they have preached? They have become enlightened! After they become Enlightened they change their teaching.

ie: worship Jesus–don’t worship Jesus: cross vs stake: Celebrate Christmas-don’t celebrate Christmas and so on. They seem to change their teaching every 20/30 years so the younger people don’t realize all the changes they make.

I will say this for them, they do study THEIR bible that was translated to match their beliefs, by inept “scholars”

Dorothy, when I was 13 I stumped a JW woman who came by the house when I was washing the car. She gave me that 144k number and I asked her if all the martyrs through 2,000 years and the numbers of JW’s killed in the Holocaust had not already taken all the seats. She got huffy and told me I would have to come talk to their minister. I never did see her again.

Since, I have learned a few things about the 144,000. For one thing, they are all male Jewish virgins. Without personally confirming it, I would guess she would have failed the physical on the first requirement, and it was obvious she was not Jewish, and the last part I will not speculate on. Southern gentleman and all that.

Love the idea of inviting them to Mass. I would come myself just to witness it happening.:wink:

But according to his only 144000 are going to go to Heaven so you and him are more than likely in the same boat by his beliefs. Unless he thinks that he is one of the few choosen people.

Only the anointed JWs go to heaven. How do they decide who is anointed? Each individual decides that for themselves. So only 144 thousand anointed witness go to heaven. I would guess they would be all men. I don’t think women have too much of a say in the witness.

I’ve had quite a bit of experience with JW’s knocking on my door. I used to invite them in to have a ‘chat’. It does seem that they love to target Catholics, especially if they left the Church because they were never taught the faith properly, or they didn’t like the ‘rules’. But, it really frustrates them and gets their panties in a bunch if you know what you’re talking about, and counter their typical attacks against the Church. They don’t come around very much anymore. The last one that returned for another go-around, I yelled at for viciously attacking the Church (and the Pope in particular) in a final act of defiance against my arguments, because he couldn’t come up with anything to counter them. He left, ‘brushing the dust off his feet’, stomped off the porch, climbed in his car and I haven’t seen him since. :shrug:

I’ve heard that the JW organization declared the 144,000 had been reached, so there are no longer any chances of making it into the heavenly class. If that is true, many of the congregations would have no one taking the elements of the memorial they observe around Easter. That number would shrink every year as the remaining 144,000 die out.

Does anyone know I have heard correctly?

I have experienced no hostility from Jehovah Witness. I do not let them get in my face. There are answers in the of this website just put Jehovah witness in the search engine. Patrick Madrid did an interview with Leonard Chreiton who made a movie, I escaped the Watchtower. This is revealing. Basically it is a publishing company and yes there is no hell, they believe in anhiliation. Look over the resources, get the interview and the movie.:thumbsup:

I think what the JW’s do is worse than hostility: it is their sneakiness in trying to get new converts. They came to my house to “visit” my wife under false pretenses. When they got to our house they started the visit as a normal one - just small talk. Then they shifted gears and according to my wife totally changed their demeanor, it was uncanny and very strange. I would be very careful in inviting them into a house for discussion. They are not after the truth, but for more conversions to their cult.


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