Hot air popcorn maker?


**Do you have a favorite brand/model?

Hubby and I have decided that we are going to put together a theme gift for my sister’s wedding next weekend and I need a recommendation quickly!

I know we had one when i was a kid and I remember it kind of shooting the popcorn everywhere BUT the bowl…do they still do that?:rolleyes:



Ours does. I think it’s a Hamilton Beach model from Target. The popcorn that makes it into the bowl is great, but it makes such a mess that we rarely use the thing. It was a wedding gift and I think we’ve used it exactly twice in the past four years.

My parents used to have one like this. It uses a little bit of oil (less than stovetop kettle cooking), but the lid keeps everything contained and when it’s done popping, you flip the whole thing over and the lid becomes a bowl. It worked really well…I think maybe I need to pick one up for us. I didn’t know they were still making this model until I did a quick online search.


we got rid of ours when my brother gave us an electric wok, which pops corn great without oil (I do add melted butter, because otherwise what is the point?)


**I like mine that is a stovetop model but it uses oil. My sister isn’t big on added fat of any kind so I think she’d appreciate the air popper more.

Just the other day she made a coment that once this wedding stress is over all she wants to do is sit at home and watch movies and eat popcorn. She asked for my mom’s old air popper but it was given away long ago…

so we’ll be putting together a “movie-night-at-home” gift with gift certificates to Blockbuster, a popcorn maker, some popcorn seasoning, some “movie” candy, hot chocolate and maybe a warm fuzzy blanket for her and hubby to curl up under all winter…



I had no idea they still MADE those things :slight_smile:

We just pop it on the stove, tastes sooooo good.


if she will be having a fireplace in her new home, inside or out, the best air-popper is the original, the iron grated box at the end of a long heat proof handle that you hold over the campfire and shake.


I have worn one of those out! I much prefer the Stir-Crazy over any air-popper. The popcorn tastes better with a bit of oil than without any! I have also given these as Christmas presents to everyone I know and they all really like them!

OK. I finished reading the thread, she doesn’t like added oil so get her one of the microwave poppers. I have one of those too let me see if I can find that one on-line. Yup, here it is I got mine at Target once and once at Wal-Mart (dropped it and it cracked right through!)

I love popcorn and if I only want some for me I use the microwave one and add some butter or spray with butter flavored non-stick spray and add salt.

I suggest that you add some gourmet popping corn such as Orville Redenbacher’s or my other favorites would be Jolly Time. Just regular popcorn salt is great on the popcorn as well.


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