Hotel Magnate, Democratic Fundraiser Pleads Guilty


Good thing he did not use “Patriot” or “Constitution” in the name of his company.
That could have gotten him into real trouble.:rolleyes:

He only pleaded guilty in New York to witness tampering and conspiracy to evade campaign finance laws.

I was surprised he was even charged until after the 2016 elections, but he made the mistake of raising money illegally for Obama opponent Hilary Clinton. That cannot go unpunished.


Sounds like maybe he is from Thailand or somewhere, I will watch this story. CNBC also reported on it. It certainly is a lot of money, $100,000 I believe.


Democratic presidential candidates sure do love illegal foreign contributions. :yup:

You’d think if their ideas were so great, they wouldn’t need the extra, illegal help.


That’s a drop in the bucket:


They always have loved illegal foreign contributions and they always will. :cool:


The name Singh indicates that the man is of the Sikh religion, from India.


Apparently, it takes a village to elect a president. Who would have guessed that the village looks a lot like an Olympic village?


The news article states that Chatwal is an Indian-born U.S. citizen.

Whether Democrats like illegal campaign contributions more than Republicans do, I haven’t seen any information.

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