Hotel maximum occupancy and little kids?

Most rooms are for 4, we’re a family of 5. Kids are too young to put in a separate room. I find the idea of sleeping in a separate room from hubby while on vacation to be ridiculous. I could book two rooms, and just put everyone in one and leave the other one empty but that seems ridiculous too. I rather just fit us all in one room, but I’m afraid there is sin involved in exceeding the hotels maximum occupancy, even if it’s because I have babies. This has got to be a problem other Catholic families have dealt with - any advice? I know there are solutions like Hampton Inn’s or Embassy Suites, or staying with family or vacation rentals, but those options aren’t always available or desirable or conveniant… so I just wanted to ask if it would be considered lying or stealing or what if we exceed the occupancy limit. Or if you all don’t view it as sin at all…

I come from a family of five and I also worked in a hotel a while. The hotels we ever went to and the one I worked at were usually ok with having all of us in one bedroom. They actually would provide an extra cot or place us in a two bed room with a pull-out couch to fit two more people (6 altogether).

Every hotel I know of, the limit is 5 per room. But of course, I haven’t been to every hotel out there. I know my sister used to get upset because she wanted to use just one room, and she had 4 children. I couldn’t imagine putting someone on the floor of a hotel, but that is what she wanted to do.

I do have to say, as the person next in the next room, please don’t exceed the occupancy max.

There are reasons for the limit. Mostly having to do with safety. Like fire safety.

Just tell the hotel when you make the reservation. They’ll accommodate you, or tell you if they can’t.

For large families many hotels have adjacent rooms with inside doors that can be opened between them.

I appreciate your comments regarding safety and comfort/solutions… but the question I had still remains. is there sin involved in putting the family in a room that has max occupancy of 4? Sin like stealing for the hotel who would require you to book another room? Sin like lying when you make the reservation online saying you have 2 kids because you can’t book the room if you write 3 kids? I even called the hotel to ask and the lady on the phone was like “just write 2 kids, we make the exception because the kids are little, the maximam occupancy is for the adults” - but she’s not a manager, and even if they say “it’s okay” the reservations are programmed not to allow that so I have to lie to the computer (is that a thing in our technological world - lieing to machines? LOL) Is the hotel employee who tells me to go ahead and book it as if it was for four helping me “steal” from the hotel chain?

In other words, I’m not looking for suggestions of what to do, or solutions… I’m asking is there sin involved in doing what I speak of? Is it immoral? Is it going to give a bad witness to my faith if they see my large-ish family wearing a cross proclaiming to be christian and yet “going around” the hotel’s rules… is this something that i SHOULD worry about or am i being stupid? (I haven’t found anyone in real life who thinks this is worth stressing about - my family thinks I’m nuts and even the hotel lady on the phone was like “it’s fine!” but since other hotels have told me they don’t make exceptions when I’ve called to ask I’m worried the lady on the phone is misleading me…)

  1. Ask your priest. Explain this is an issue that bothers you and you’d like his advice.

  2. JMO - God created each of us as unique individuals. And we each live unique lives, perceive the world in our own way, and have our own conscience. Because of that, I do feel that in some situations, what would be “okay/wrong” for one person, might not be “okay/wrong” for another person. In other words - if no matter what you’re told, no matter how much you reflect and research this - if you still feel wrong doing it, then don’t.

  3. All that said, yes, I’ve been in your situation. For us it was a serious financial issue. My “rule” was that if the combined height of two of the kids did not equal the height of an average teenager, then those two counted as one “person”. (Ex. an infant and a toddler). In my thoughts there would be no additional cost to the hotel, no safety concerns that I could fathom, and no additional bother to other guests - esp. since I was pretty much “wearing” the infant the entire time. In my mind there was no sin involved and I am at peace with my decision. I hope you find the answer you’re looking for and are as much at peace with it as I am with mind.

Happy travels!

I am a hotel front desk clerk, and let may say…we much appreciate people staying within the occupancy quota. It is for your own personal safety.

I have never had a problem. I just traveled with 4 kids across the country and no hotels had any sort of problem with it. Especially since there is only one adult, you could not have split us up. This has never been a problem for our family.

Well, OP, you are simply asking if lying is a sin.

Yes it is.

LOL No, that is not what I’m asking. I’m asking if it is considered lying to input 2 adults and 2 children in order to make a reservation for a room where you know you’ll have a 3rd child too. And I’m not asking in theory, I’m asking because I’m visiting Puerto Rico and I need a place to stay, but there are no Vacation Rentals in the area where we’ll be visiting, staying with family will not be an option, the hotel we’re looking at doesn’t have any suites to upgrade to where they can accomodate more people (not that we could afford that anyway), the price of two rooms is out of reach for us, and I wouldn’t bother putting the family in separate rooms so spending the money on two rooms sounds crazy, and there are no hotels in that area that accomodate 5 people like say Hampton Inn or something…

Call the place and speak with a manager. I am sure there will be some who are very accommodating to your needs. Sometimes people need a little more info than the internet booking sites can manage.

How old is the child? If you have a toddler or an infant, there shouldn’t be a problem, they are almost always free anywhere you go; if you are talking about someone older, then yes you are cheating the hotel out one more occupant in the room. Bring it up at the time you make your reservation and management will try and work something out.

Ages 10, 3 and 1.

I would say the one year old doesn’t count, because presumably he or she would be attached to or within arm’s reach of you or another family member at all times. Not exactly a separate individual who would be using up space, towels, free breakfasts, etc.

But follow the advice of others above and just talk to the manager. They’d rather work something out than have you look elsewhere, I’m sure.

Call the hotel manager and ask outright, then you are not lying and they can tell you exactly what their policy is for a situation such as this.

I have three children and was always honest about it and never had trouble booking a room. I have only had the limit be an issue with adults or older teen kids.

Many hotels will supply a cot or even a crib for children.

I think it is wrong if you make assumptions and/or try to hide that you will have five people in the room.

Aren’t those limits (at least sometimes) in place due to fire laws, and such??

And couldn’t you just get adjoining rooms, a suite, or something similar?

But, in terms of sin…as long as the hotel knows that you have 3 kids, and they still rent you the room, then what’s the problem?? :confused:

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