Hotly anticipated Holocaust book canceled

The fact that someone would fabricate any part of a Holocaust story makes me so sad. There are people out there looking for excuses for denial.
I’m all in favor of dramatic love stories, but not made-up ones. Sheesh.

I heard about this on the radio. I have taken several courses on the Holocaust and the scenario of meeting from opposite sides of a concentration camp fence seemed highly implausible. Historical fiction is fine as long as it is not masquerading as genuine (and a grain of truth would help). I think they are still planning on making it into a film?

Yeah, if more people could have done that without guards putting the hammer down, they would have. I saw the current movie “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” about a German officer’s son and an inmate who meet across the fence. That aspect was improbable, but I suspended disbelief because the movie was so good - and clearly labeled as fiction.

Congratulations on your upcoming miracle, by the way. :slight_smile:

A terrible scandal. What some people will do for fame!!!

I cringe every time I hear about this incident. I don’t known all the details, but my sainted Irish grandfather was among the US soldiers who helped liberate one of the camps, so stuff like this kind of cheapens the sacrifice that he made by risking his life during the war. Just one more thing that the deniers of the Sho’ah can use as a (shaky) argument in their favor.

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