Hour of Power - Crystal Cathedral

Question. My husband and I are new to the Catholic Church and in RCIA. My husband however has kept one Protestant trait- watching the Hour of Powet on tv. He also donates money. I think the stories of how people live a Christian life etc are powerful and uplifting but i am not sure how I feel about him continuing his support and viewership. Mind you we still go to Mass every weekend and give to our Church. What are your thoughts?

There is nothing wrong with watching inspirational TV and supporting it. I do it all the time, and I was raised in the Catholic religion. :thumbsup:

Your husband should know that the Crystal Cathedral has been purchased by the local Catholic Diocese (Orange County) …

I thought we owned the Crystal Cathedral now. Did that fall through?

If he’s watching the Hour of Power from the Crystal Cathedral they must be re-runs!

It’s been sold to the Catholic Diocese!

The diocese owns the property, but the former owners are still there. I think they’re moving out next year. The new name is Christ Cathedral.

He should give EWTN a shot. They have many great programs on there that air all throughout the day and night. Regardless of what his schedule is he’s bound to find something inspirational to watch.

Yes, under the terms of the sale the current tenants could pay rent and emain there for up to three years. However, a few months ago they announced they would live within a year, due to finances.

The Hour of Power ran as re-runs for awhile, but Crystal Cathedral Ministries is now producing a half-hour version of their show for some stations, I suppose as a cost-cutting measure… I think the full hour show is also being produced again. The program has been the primary source of revenue for their church so they are likely to keep it going for as long as possible.

As for donating to them… they are of the Lord (even if in error on some teachings.) As long as the donations do not prevent meeting other obligations, I think donating to them is okay.

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