House Actress Lisa Edelstein Does Pro-Abortion MoveOn Ad

House Actress Lisa Edelstein Does Pro-Abortion MoveOn Ad

Washington, DC – Lisa Edelstein, who currently stars as Dr. Lisa Cuddy on the television drama House, has recorded a new television ad for the George Soros-funded, a liberal pro-abortion activist group, targeting pro-life legislation.

A liberal, pro-choice hollywood actress?! No, I don’t believe it!

Who cares? It’s a free country, she can say what she wants. So can we, thank God.

The freedom to defend legalised wide scale abortion entails we should be thanking an entirely different entity.

I’ve missed you commenting on all my posts. How have you been my friend?

She is aware I hope (though doubt) that there are almost no recorded cases of the dreaded (back alley abortion) actually taking place on any scale?

Of course the real point is we are not sending you to the back alley, thats just as wrong! We are trying to save your childs life! (and hopefully help save your soul)

Fine. And I’ve commented on a handful of your posts in the past and that’s all. But as you enjoy it. Freedom of speech is a valuable right however the freedom to state an opinion by no means ensures it is correct moral or even particularly well reasoned. As is the case of the actress in question and her points here.

… A coat hanger. Of all things. As if we couldn’t get more paaaaiiinfully cliche.
Is it wrong that I laughed at the end of that video? A lot. Were they TRYING to send a serious message across?
Well, they failed. Failed terribly.

Gee, I don’t think I said that the freedom to state an opinion makes it correct or moral or well reasoned, but I’m going to double check to see if I did say that, even subconsciously.

You have in the past defended the legality of abortion though have you not?

No, not in the least. I’m passionately pro-life, actually.

So you would support abortion been made illegal again. If so my apologies as I may have confused you with another poster.

Not a problem. I would not only support it, I would do whatever I can to see it happen. I’ve marched with many pro-lifers many times.

If you honestly confused me with someone else-no worries.

But you shouldn’t jump to conclusions on other peoples opinions.

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