House bans welfare recipients' money from strip clubs, liquor stores

From the article:

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill that prohibits welfare recipients from using their government subsidy in strip clubs, liquor stores and casinos.

To bad the Senate won’t take this up. I think it shows who the real party of “no” is.


I thought this would get more responses since there are many posters here that want higher taxes and the same amount of welfare.

No one cares because its not a real issue. Its not a real source of problems in the system - its not much better than banning welfare recipients from using the money to buy jetpacks. Not a hot button because they don’t really do a lot of that. Its just political theater. I’d rather they talk about real reform instead of pushing through this kind of meaningless “solution in search of a problem” legislation.

How about they not do ANY of this?

When over 11 BILLION dollars a year is spent on welfare recepients due to alchol abuse perhaps it is time to consider it a real issue.

It is a real issue…

If you’re serious about helping the poor then this is an issue regardless of how much is spent. Simply giving people with no strings attached does not get them out of poverty.

Ummm, Can’t the recipients get cash from an ATM or cash back at a grocery store and spend it anyway that they please?

Does this ban include social security recipients? Or is it just younger welfare recipients?

The law only bans people from making a debit withdrawal using an ATM located in a strip club, casino, or liquor store. You will still be able to go to another ATM for cash to spend how they please. So, no, it will not affect social security.

So, it’s just for show. Nothing unusual for Congress.

I’ve always wondered what people mean when they say “welfare.” It’s not unemployment compensation is it? So what is welfare?

Welfare is when you take from people who work and give to people who don’t work. That would include TANF, unemployment compensation, social security, medicare and medicaid among others.

FYI - Unemployment compensation, social security and medicare are considered entitlements because they are reimbursements to people, or their employer, who have paid into those systems. It is no more welfare than cashing in a CD.

Legislative attempts like this are so offensive, and yes, they are political theatre.

But of course, they are no different from welfare in that they: take from people who work and give to people who don’t work, discourage work effort and are abused by their recipients. If they are just insurance policies there would be no need for the government to provide them.

There is no CD for any of these programs, the government has no legal or moral obligation to continue them. If congress had a spine it would end them immediately because we cannot afford them and there is no reason for them in the first place.

So you feel that folks should be saving money for their retirement years without even a rudamentary gonvernment safety net in place or that folks simply shouldn’t retire?

I have no problem with a safety net for those who cannot work. But there are many people 62 and above who are collecting the dole who are on the golf course. Are you saying these people are not able to work?

To see the problem with social security, consider the following: When SS was started the expected life span of someone born in 1935 was about 65 years, so about half the people paying taxes for SS were expected to get nothing. Now, the expected life span is around 80, there is no way such a system will be sustainable. These best way to solve this whole problem is to make the able bodied welfare recipients work.

Who retires at 62 except the wealthy anyway?

actually more people start collecting SS at age 62 than at any other age.

uh, I didn’t know that, don’t you get a penalty or something for collecting early?

How would they police this. Will police be raiding strip clubs looking for people on welfare?

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