House bill for $410 billion more

House Democrats propose $410B spending bill

**House bill to keep govt. running totals $410 billion, features thousands of pet projects **

  • David Espo, AP Special Correspondent
    *]Tuesday February 24, 2009, 8:50 am EST[/LIST][LIST]
  • Yahoo! Buzz
    *]Print[/LIST]WASHINGTON (AP) – House Democrats unveiled a $410 billion spending bill on Monday to keep the government running through the end of the fiscal year, setting up the second political struggle over federal funds in less than a month with Republicans.

    The measure includes thousands of earmarks, the pet projects favored by lawmakers but often criticized by the public in opinion polls. There was no official total of the bill’s earmarks, which accounted for at least $3.8 billion.
    The legislation, which includes an increase of roughly 8 percent over spending in the last fiscal year, is expected to clear the House later in the week.
    Democrats defended the spending increases, saying they were needed to make up for cuts enacted in recent years or proposed a year ago by then-President George W. Bush in health, education, energy and other programs.
    Republicans countered that the spending in the bill far outpaced inflation, and amounted to much higher increases when combined with spending in the stimulus legislation that President Barack Obama signed last week. In a letter to top Democratic leaders, the GOP leadership called for a spending freeze, a step they said would point toward a “new standard of fiscal discipline.”
    Either way, the bill advanced less than one week after Obama signed the $787 billion economic stimulus bill that all Republicans in Congress opposed except for three moderate GOP senators.
    Apart from spending, the legislation provides Democrats in Congress and Obama an opportunity to reverse Bush-era policy on selected issues.
    It loosens restrictions on travel to Cuba, as well as the sale of food and medicine to the communist island-nation.
    In another change, the legislation bans Mexican-licensed trucks from operating outside commercial zones along the border with the United States. The Teamsters Union, which supported Obama’s election last year, hailed the move.
    The Bush administration backed a pilot program to permit up to 500 trucks from 100 Mexican motor carriers access to U.S. roads.
    The legislation covers programs for numerous Cabinet-level and other agencies, and takes the place of regular annual spending bills that did not pass last year as a result of a deadlock between the Bush administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress.
    Congressional expenses are included. The bill provides $500,000 for what is described as a Senate “pilot program” that will defray the cost of mass mail postcards to households notifying them of a nearby town meeting to be attended by any senator.

  • All this spending worries me.

    Ironically, my professor (an ex Motorola exec) discussed the stimulus issue today in class. He discussed how the stimulus acts passed during the New Deal did nothing to stimulate the economy and that WWII was what got the economy going again. The same will apply here; and yet the opposition is ignored and berated, despite the truth in their protests.

    The good news is that we get to vote again in 4 years.

    This bill has more than 8,000 earmarks in it. Remember when Obama shouted over and over again during the campaign," And I will veto any bill that comes to me with earmarks!" Well, we all know by now that he is a first-class liar, and be assured he will sign this bill.

    As I said before, the good news is that we get to vote again in 4 years :coffeeread:

    After awhile, one loses track of the huge appropriations and the numbers and is simply numbed.

    don’t worry, it’ll work this time. we just need the government to spend a little more.

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