House chaplain forced out by Ryan

he gave pelosi a chance to overrule him, she didn’t. ryan took responsibility because the decision was ultimately his

So you don’t actually have any indication that he was “shilling.” Thank you.

I find it self evident in the speech, given it’s wording and timing.

He took some what the High Road.

Trying to discern what was so political about this prayer.

I guess the tea partiers can appoint a Protestant Work Ethic apologist now.

What should be disturbing is a Catholic ousting a Catholic Priest.


Strong is a spokesman for Paul Ryan. You are relying 100% on info from one side. You are trying to shift the blame to Pelosi, but I’m not buying it - not until you show me a quote from Pelosi herself that says she also wanted the chaplain to resign.

I’m pretty confident ryan’s office would have passed this by the opposition first.
He understands the optics, and hasn’t a history of impulsive actions

A Pelosi aide confirmed she was given advance notice by Ryan but disputes that she could have prevented Conroy’s resignation. Pelosi made clear to Ryan she disagreed with the decision and told the speaker she had heard only positive feedback from members about Conroy, according to the aide.

Summary: It was Ryan’s decision alone.

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I’m sure it was his decision and we don’t know if the objection was tepid or vociferous.

We also don’t know all the issues at play, I think there must be more than one speech behind the move. Ryan is not that impulsive.


And if you read on past what you quoted:

Pelosi’s office disputed that the Democrat did not object.

“Leader Pelosi was given advance notice by Speaker Ryan," said a Pelosi spokesman, but she “also made it clear to Speaker Ryan that she disagreed with this decision.”

If that’s shilling for the Democrats than Republicans are just admitting they aren’t looking out for all Americans.

The article also notes some Republicans were upset that he invited a Muslim to give a prayer.


ryan took full responsibility. how is that shifting blame?

she is at fault because she is politicizing it. she had a chance to stop the removal but didn’t. she set him up for a round of politicking

you also see:

“The speaker told Leader Pelosi that he would not move forward with the decision if she objected and she chose not to,” Strong said.

she may have disagreed but didn’t veto it as it appears she could have.


muslims deny the deity of Jesus. should a buddhist (etc.) be given the same opportunity? was a christian prayer given the same day?

Read what I wrote. It’s right there. You even quoted it. I was not saying Paul Ryan is shifting the blame. I said you were shifting the blame when you said:

As a Pelosi spokesman said, Pelosi did not have a chance to stop it. I know you would much rather talk about Pelosi, but the story is really just about Ryan.

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If Republicans actually believed their tax bill benefited all Americans then they wouldn’t consider the House chaplain praying that all Americans benefit from the tax bill to be partisan.

Praying for you.

as i said she politicized it. which one is lying?

why would the chaplain indicate there would be winners and losers in the tax bill if he wasn’t picking sides? he obviously doesn’t agree with the gop view of how to address the issue.

thank you, i need them

He simply prayed that the House make sure the tax bill benefited all Americans very early in the legislation process. He said nothing about the Republican or Democratic view of addressing the issue. Again, if you think saying that legislation that affects all people should benefit all people is a Democratic position then you’re just acknowledging the Republican position is not to benefit all people.

My guess is the spokesman for Ryan. Can you imagine Ryan actually asking Pelosi for permission to dismiss the chaplin? That is the least imaginable outcome. Similarly I cannot imagine Pelosi consenting to dismiss even if she were asked.

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winners and losers

he was showing his opposition to it

i am saying if you claim there are winners and losers you are picking a side.

we know the dems position doesn’t support all people especially people of religion.

yes, i can imagine ryan actually asking pelosi for permission to dismiss the chaplin. he has no reason to lie, he took responsibility. he didn’t need her ok. what does he have to gain by it? he is done.

i can also see pelosi talking out both sides of her mouth as she does on the abortion issue.

i don’t trust pro-choice catholics?

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You can give up on the winners and losers prayer. Paul Ryan himself said that no one prayer was responsible for his decision.

Did Paul Ryan himself actually say he would not have dismissed the chaplin without Pelosi’s OK? I don’t think so. I think the whole story about asking permission of Pelosi was from Strong, the spokesman. I suspect Strong just misspoke or got the story wrong. Pelosi was notified as a courtesy. That is all. There was no waiting for her OK.

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