House clears way for lawsuit against Obama



In my opinion, the unconstitutional HHS Mandate is reason enough to impeach him.


By the time this year concludes, the 113th Congress is all but assured of being the least productive in recorded history in terms of producing legislation signed into law.

The above is a direct quote from the article. So I’m supposed to be more mad at the President for doing something than Congress for doing nothing…


It is not a matter of being mad at one or the other. It is about the President deciding that he can pick and choose which laws he wants to enforce and which he wants to ignore.

Doing *something *is not necessarily a good thing just as doing *nothing *is not always a bad thing.




What a horrible waste of time and money. By the time this case works it’s way through the legal system Obama will be long gone. The only thing to come out of this will be a huge transfer of taxpayer money to an army of lawyers.


Kudos to BettyBoop416 for having the most realistic answer. And for you Obama haters out there. The man is trying to get something done because congress won’t. If he did nothing you would be criticizing him for doing nothing. For some of you people if this man ran around handing gold bars to every person in the country and completely eliminated income taxes you would complain about that.


Somehow it seems the only goal congress has this year is a single digit approval rating. It’s sitting at 12% last I checked, so it should be attainable even for them.


I am sorry but Obama is delusional and living in a fantasy world and, also, I might add a coward. Typical Obama. Instead of facing the truth about how he has abused the powers of his office he plays the victim and whines the republicans don’t wsnt to work with him.
He acts like a spoiled brat that doesn’t get his way.
I can’t wait for the day this weak link is no longer our president and we can be proud of our country again and rebuild.
Obama has thumbed his nose at decent hard working americans for 6 years and thumbed his nose at the Constitution.


I am proud Obama is our President. I couldn’t wait for the day the weak link of George W Bush was gone and I could be proud of my country again.


Actually, the house has sent many bills to congress and they sit on Harry Reid’s desk. He is the cog in the wheel but I think he is just doing Obama’s bidding. All Obama does is blame. It’s so tiring. At least, the other presidents found a way to work with the other side. Obama hardly meets with the other side.


So you are proud of the hardships americans have experienced the last 6 years losing their homes, their life savings, the middle class practically being wiped out, high unemployment, record number of people on disability and welfare and food stamps?

Our president is disgraceful and if you can’t see the downward spiral our country has been in I say to you two words:


House clears way for lawsuit against Obama

Well… make way for the media circus. CSPAN’s ratings are about to hit the roof

:popcorn: :whistle:


In the real world, those things were happening before Obama was President.
It’s so easy to rewrite history and try to pretend that everything was perfect and then along comes a “different” President who may not be an American citizen, and it all goes to hell.
(sigh and huge yawn)
Yes, I too am glad Obama is President. Mccain /Palin? Romney/Ryan? This country really dodged a couple of bullets.

The idea of a lawsuit is a laughable waste of taxpayer’s money.


I don’t think the other people who ran would now let Catholics suffer and be persecuted and killed in Muslim countries if they were elected. Obama’s choosing to ignore the problem and say nothing is shameful. I can’t be proud of that.


For the first time in 20 years, I got affordable health care and went to the doctor last week and got a full physical. God Bless Obama!


Decreasing the minority percentage of black Americans, standing up for live babies to be left to die, forcing homosexuality on the American public, giving incentive to immigrants, worse yet, children to die at the hands of criminals and on a dangerous trek, Obama and the Democratic party seem friendly to Lucifer himself. Evil.


The problem is personanongrata is that even though the downslide might have started happening before he was elected he nor his administration put forth one policy to turn anything around in the right direction. From the moment he became president he became a spokesperson for Obamacare totally ignoring the serious problems that needed to be faced. He had blinders on and was totally focused on obamacare. I knew we were headed for disaster when he was elected. I never dreamed he was as incompetent as he has proven to be. Our country and our citizens are used to moving forward and providing for our families and being consumers. He has created a stagnant economy.


You couldn’t afford a physical in 20 years?!
If you can afford obamacare you should have been able to pay for a physical.


Don’t forget his utter disregard for people’s Constitutionally-guaranteed religious beliefs.


I am not sure it is incompetence. I think he is doing exactly as he planned from the beginning. He does not think that this country is exceptional in any way and he means/meant to prove that that is true. He has no love for this country. If you look at his background (that which we have been allowed to know) you will see that his family had communist leanings all along. I would really liked to have seen our first black president be someone who really loved this country and governed thusly. And for those of you who are in favor of Obamacare, just wait. There is more to be collected from the people in the months to come, after the election. You cannot give healthcare to millions, many of whom are on subsidies, and not collect much, much more from the taxpayers. Stats say that at least 80% of the populace was happy with what they had. We could have provided for those who did not have insurance much cheaper, but that would not have caused the chaos we have now, ala Cloward and Piven. Wake up, folks.

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