House committee votes to require women to register for draft


WASHINGTON — Women would be required to register for the military draft under a House committee’s bill that comes just months after the Defense Department lifted all gender-based restrictions on front-line combat units.

A divided Armed Services Committee backed the provision in a sweeping defense policy bill that the full House will consider next month, touching off a provocative debate about the role of women in the military. The panel also turned aside a measure backed by Democrats to punish the Citadel military college in South Carolina for flying the Confederate flag.

The United States has not had a military draft since 1973 in the Vietnam War era, but all men must register with the Selective Service Systems within 30 days of turning 18. Military leaders maintain that the all-volunteer force is working and the nation is not returning to the draft.

I knew it would be coming.

What will Americans do, seeing their daughters forced to serve in infantry combat units, should the draft be called up ?

We should surrender to the enemy, for we’ll have proven we’ve lost our moral values and common sense.



Once we got to “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” nothing surprised me anymore.


Fine by me.

Those in power who think young males should not object to dying for the President’s glorification might change their mind if their DAUGHTERS were a term in the equation.





Article’s title is misleading as we haven’t had the draft in 40 years. Rather they’d be required to register for the Selective Service System like young men between 18 and 25. I frankly see no issue with that seeing as the draft in all likelihood won’t be coming back (as no one wants it back since we’ve had a far more effective professional military). And there’s no reason women can’t do their part for the military in any theoretical war effort that would necessitate bringing back a draft.


That’s another reason I’m supporting Ted Cruz. He’s the only presidential candidate who opposes this.


The title is correct

Registering for the Selective Service System, is in short, Registering for the Draft.

If the draft is called up, those registered will be called.



More than just infantry gets filled by the draft, there are plenty of noncombat roles.


And since the draft has not been called up in over 40 years, they’re not registering for it. They’re registering for the Selective Service System. :rolleyes:


There is no draft…hasn’t been in 40 years and won’t be in the future.

Do you think that the modern-day Americans will sit still and let their children, sons and daughters, be drafted and sent to places like Africa, Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan?

Any congressman or president who supports that position will find himself voted outed of office so fast it will make their head spin.

Besides, the modern professional military is far more efficient and effective than one full of conscripts who have no desire to be there. Even leading military commanders do not want a return to conscription.


But the majority of draftees end up with the infantry, because they only serve two years.

Also, the military doesn’t make allowances for physical differences, but places people where they need them and where they are most expendable which is where draftees end up.

I was one of the smallest men in my platoon in Marine Corps bootcamp.

I ended up as an M60 Machine Gunner, humping a 23 lb gun, while others only had to carry an M16 rifle.



Same thing.

The Selective Service System is the draft system, even if its not being used currently.

Males have to register with the Selective Service System, i,e, The Draft.



If we keep deploying our forces as we have, there will be no choice but call up the draft as the military fails to meet the required numbers to get the jobs done.

As it is, morale in the US military is falling, especially among those who have been deployed over to combat areas for three or more times.



Now what’s going to happen if a big war like WWII happens and there’s no one left here? Only old people and little children will be left? This seems like an extremely stupid decision. :nope:


Then the answer is to stop stretching deployments past the ability to meet the needs. The answer is for politicians and military leaders to make due with what they have, not siphon off every available resource available.

Yeah, and shipping loads of people, including girls, into combat areas in armpit areas of the world that they don’t want to be in is what is going to raise morale.


There will not be a “big war like WWII” again. Total war was necessary then; it is pointless today. There would be no winners, especially if nuclear devices are used.


I disagree with your assessment. The very point of a draft is that you never know when it might be required. You can’t waltz through history assuming that every future era will be like here and now. Indeed, if we look back in history, the draft has only technically been used four times throughout our history – and sometimes with very long eras between use. To assume that it won’t ever reoccur is equivalent to assuming that you don’t need insurance because you are feeling fine right now. That completely misses the point of insurance!

We must assume that a point in time will come when the draft is required, even if it seems unlikely now. We must therefore make the rules of our draft such that we would be happy to institute it tomorrow if we had to. We can’t make a horrible program now and then expect us to have the time or political power to fix our errors in the future.

While it is true that women can (and have) participated in the war effort, there are several reasons why it is immensely convenient to only draft men; in order

  1. Men are, on average, biologically more fit and stronger than women. This is simply an unavoidable fact of nature recognized by years of study.

  2. Men do not have the disadvantage of potentially becoming pregnant during war time. In addition, their biology is frankly, much simpler to deal with than women’s monthly cycle. The enemy also typically does not rape men; women are very susceptible to rape.

  3. In wartime, one member of the parents should stay home to preserve national infrastructure and the family. It is most reasonable for this parent to be the mother, for the reasons listed above. If both men and women were drafted, both could potentially be killed, destroying families. Further, even if both survived, they would be leaving their children to the suspicious care of the state.


Same here.


That’s what they thought before WWI and WWII as well, correct?

Also, so what if we have nuclear devices? To hold a country, you still need to have boots on the ground.

We cannot make good future decisions by ruling out some possibilities merely because we think them unlikely. We must be prepared for all eventualities. To do so otherwise seems to me to court disaster.


I am against the draft in general. It is like slave labor. No one should be required to register for the draft. I hope they never bring it back and it goes in the dustbin of history.

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