House Democrats plan to troll Trump at big speech


I expect this to play out and look like the typical Soros financed anti-Trump street riot. More political theatre by the left.


“You lie” screamed Joe Wilson.

Who paid him?

What goes around comes around.


Yet they were furious when it happened, but will do it themselves.

Wilson was forced to apologize, will the Democrats be forced to also or will they wear it like a badge of honor?


Trump will invite ICE and they will be on hand to arrest any illegals the Democrats invite. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you think Joe Wilson’s exclamation was scripted? He didn’t announce it before hand.


Yeah, the Republicans reprimanded him for that. I won’t hold my breath that the Dems would reprimand one of their own. They aren’t known to do that.



I expect this to play out and look like the typical Soros financed anti-Trump street riot.



By troll, do they mean just interrupt? And they are lookng forward to this behavior on display? lol


I’m sure they have a plan, seems like they are plotting. Can they refrain from catcalls and booing and be ladylike and act like gentleman? I won’t’ hold my breath.

Of course they are looking forward to this type of behavior, they are telling the public to take it to the streets.


That’s how it works. Political parties are hypocrites and it goes both ways.


Of course not! Democrats demand a Republican apologize over and over, one of their own? They will never admit one of their own made a mistake


Why do they continue to act like spoiled petulant children craving attention.
I guess the counselors and therapy dogs didn’t work!
Would be nice to see them acting like adults.


The man trolls himself. All they have to do is give him the mike.


That doesn’t even make sense!


Thing is no one had to pay the TEA PARTY to show up.

If the left has to do that, they are in trouble in 2018.


That was the assumption made that should have allowed Clinton to cruise to a win…


I can’t wait for the 2 a.m tantrum of tweets. :wink:

The next best thing would be for Alec Baldwin to fill in for him, no? :smiley:


At least we know he’s awake for a 2 am phone call…


As a Catholic, I will never understand how anyone voted for Trump. Like how do you even explain that to Jesus; Trump is the opposite of everything Jesus stands for.


While I don’t disagree, you apparently haven’t been around much for the past yr.

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