House GOP batting around options for revamping health law


WASHINGTON (AP) – With the Republican drive to craft a new health care plan sputtering, House GOP leaders are offering options to rank-and-file lawmakers for replacing President Barack Obama’s health care law with a conservative approach dominated by tax breaks and a transition away from today’s Medicaid program.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and other House leaders planned to discuss details of their plans with lawmakers Thursday and gauge their receptiveness. The briefing was coming hours before a weeklong recess sends Congress home to energized voters – mostly Democrats – who have recently crammed town hall meetings to complain noisily about GOP efforts to repeal Obama’s statute. Lawmakers are eager to have something to show constituents.

“This is complicated work. We’re not going to rush it,” said Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, one of the panels helping craft the legislation.

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In other words, they’ll just gut the ACA program and not have anything to replace it with.

By the end of the year, people will be without heath insurance.

Those who get health insurance through their employers, will see their premium share sky rocket, or the company will just drop the benefit.



Also, this was done yesterday;

the Trump administration took regulatory steps aimed at curbing Obama’s law. These included making it harder for people to sign up for coverage outside of open enrollment periods and eased IRS enforcement of fines for people who don’t buy insurance.

Insurance companies will not stay in the business with the majority of their customers being the sick and elderly.

The only way ACA could work, is by everyone paying their fair share in having health insurance, and to stop using ER’s as their primary care physician.

What a sad state the US is, compared to other developed countries



What’s a fair share? Is it healthy people paying for something they don’t need or want?


Don’t need health insurance ?

Yeah, until they’re sick.

Why do we pay for nuclear bombs, we don’t need them.

Why do we pay for unnecessary wars ? We don’t need them and they’ve caused more bad than good.



lol that’s not the same thing and you know it


It is.

When a person doesn’t have health insurance and ends up in the ER, the hospital passes on the cost to the people who have health insurance, in their premiums.

What the insurance company won’t absorb in premiums, the taxpayers foot the bill.

ER costs are expensive and should only be used for emergencies, not as a primary care physician.



I know many people who refused to buy the govt insurance because the penalty was cheaper and they are healthy


What you seem to want is socialized medical services which the ACA was not.


Enough that it’s become a problem.

Now with Trump removing the penalty, most young healthy people won’t buy health insurance.

ER’s will once again be over-crowded to the point where they shut down as they did in the past.

Heck, my daughter’s SO doesn’t buy health insurance, but pays the penalty.

It’s only a matter of time before he ends up in an ER and the hospital places a lien on his house.

I pray this won’t happen, but even as invisible he believes he is, at age 43, he has back and knee joint problems and his job is physically demanding. He’ll need healthcare and the company he works for, offers it, but he refuses to pay the premium and opts out.



A single payer universal healthcare system is the only thing that will work.

However, with the ACA repeal with nothing viable to replace it with, our healthcare system is going collapse this year, you can depend on it.



The sky is falling, the sky is falling



You must have healthcare coverage, which is why you have nothing to offer other than ridicule.



You have to admit your prophecy of doom and gloom is kinda funny because that’s always the excuse!


I admit to nothing you’re posting here.



Come on now…the majority of people had health insurance through their employees long before that guy was even in national office. If they want to keep good people employers will continue to have it or their competition will.

As far as premiums skyrocketing…you don’t buy health insurance, do you? The cost HAS skyrocketed, as have deductibles. So really people are paying A LOT more and able to use their insurance A LOT less.

A guy I know posted this on social media:

Food for thought and a little self exposure. Medical insurance for family of four.
2015 - $7327 + 2758 (doc/med/wellness)=$10,085
2016 - $15,300 + $6177 (doc/med/wellness/ortho) = $21,477
System is not broken said no one.
Doubled every year for past 4 years. O-care is more expensive.


Please watch the video below about the Canadian system, by a Canadian.


Even with the brokenness of the current system, I can’t believe the Republicans don’t have a replacement ready.

The Demoncrats had a 2500 page bill sitting there just waiting for an opportunity to implement it. And they did.

These guys have had 6 years to craft a ready-to-go replacement and they don’t have anything ready!!! It might be a real bad mid-term for them…


Don’t have to listen to one person, I’ve spoken with several Canadians and they’re happy with their healthcare system.

Talk to an American who lost his 401K because of medical bills before ACA was enacted, they get back to us.



The ACA was actually a republican idea years back.

Romney was the first to try it on the state level and it worked well, and I have to experience to speak of it.

Fact is, health insurance is complicated and as the Republics try to replace ACA with something better, they end up right back at the ACA.

So, because of pride, they’ll just gut it as they’re doing until it falls apart, and then they say see, it didn’t work.

So, I’ve asked this before, but I’ll ask again, is it better for Americans not to have health insurance ?



First of all, the only keeping other developed countries from being overrun (and this would actually be approved by liberals in many cases) is the United States nuclear navy.

Second, getting back to the topic, many people in developed nations spend thousands of dollars to come to American to get specialized health care.

Basically, if you love what is going on with the VA Clinics, you’ll love universal health care.

Third, the problem is the republicans are trying to find a way to do it without hurting anyone.

I don’t think they are going to be able to because this is what happens every time government gets involved in private markets and picks winners and losers. People who are economically illiterate get on the doll, and when its taken away because it costs society at large too much, they get angry and shake their fists in the air.

Fourth, this “fair share” argument is always bogus. I could sit here all day and ask what a fair share really is not get a straight answer, because it’s whatever people want in the moment. It’s a terrible, terrible way to conduct policy, of course.

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