House GOP moves to permanently ban tax-funded abortion in nation’s capital

Republicans signaled Thursday that they will try to permanently ban taxpayer-funded abortions in the District of Columbia, igniting a furious backlash from city officials who said the move is an effort to change a 40-year understanding between the city and the federal government.

The Republicans’ proposed No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act would permanently stop the D.C. government from spending its own money, collected from local taxpayers, to pay for abortions. Congress has passed one-year measures but has never enacted a permanent ban.

D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, the city’s nonvoting member of Congress, said Thursday that the measure singles out the District unfairly.

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Oh good, another symbolic gesture out of the GOP that they know has no chance of going anywhere, but they insist on doing this because it makes them look good to their base and wastes everyone’s time and money. I would personally like to end taxpayer-funded sideshows like this one at the nation’s capital.

It’s not like we’re actually paying them to do a job or anything.:rolleyes:

It’s called debate, which is what politicians do. Now let the other party explain why taxpayers should pay for the killing of innocent children.

Those ‘taxpayer-funded sideshows’ are part of a little process called Legislation. You see we silly Western Liberals think we need this sort of process…

Gotta love my hometown (tongue firmly in cheek) I’m a pro life as any but the taxation without representation is a problem. The Federal Government does with the city what it wants despite how the citizens of the city vote.

Do you think that abortion should be tax funded?


I don’t think this has a chance of passing. Washington D.C. is very “liberal” and most “liberals” these days don’t seem to care if their money goes toward murdering innocent unborn children. There are some good people who are against abortion and would rather see their money go toward helping women in crisis pregnancies get the resources they need to either raise their child or place him/her for adoption, but they are few and far between. “Liberal” people value sexual “freedom” at any cost, even the cost of human life. I hope I’m wrong and this passes, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. :frowning:

Sometimes I feel like I am watching an old SNL skit. The GOP has to know how a move like this will fit right into the “War Against Women” lunacy that the leftists like to use to keep their female supporters in trembling servitude to the democrats. :smiley:

Doesn’t matter what I think of the issue. It’s not the fact that it’s abortion that annoys me, it’s that this is getting, well, stupid. I would be just as upset if the Senate dems decided to try to waste time passing a national gay marriage bill. Of course I would support that measure, but it isn’t going to go anywhere in the current political climate and with the current makeup of Congress. It would be a symbolic measure and a manipulative waste of time for them to do that.

My problem is that Congress, and particularly the House GOP, are in a lot of hot water with the public for their recent antics. They have proposed so many anti-abortion bills in the last few years that they know aren’t going to go anywhere, but they insist on wasting everyone’s time and energy on them as a way to manipulate the media. Abortion is really the only issue they can garner mass support for, and every couple of months when they start struggling, they throw out abortion to look “productive”. It’s nothing more than a ploy to get one-track voters to overlook all of their numerous failings and re-elect them, and that’s behavior I don’t like on either side of the aisle.

D.C. needs and deserves statehood.

It is symbolic. But I like the symbolism. It keeps the absolute wrong that is abortion in the public eye. Tell me: do you like the Dems’ silence on the issue better?

You hit the nail on the head. :thumbsup:

The No Abortion for Taxpayer Funding Act was also introduced by Democrat Dan Lipinski, so it is not isolated to only having House Republican support. Having a debate about taxpayer funding of abortion is an important one, and debates can not be set aside, especially a debate about something like this, just because Democrats have a majority in the senate and Barack Obama is president. When has or when ever will Congress only have debates or vote on bills that both parties can agree upon? Even if the bill will not pass because of the current political balance, this issue will still be highlighted and covered by the media, which then informs people that abortion is being tax funded in Washington D.C.

Did you know that Speaker Bohener has, since the summer, allowed a vote in the House on 71 democrat amendments and Senator Harry Reid has allowed a vote on four proposed Republican amendments, so lets see if the Senate takes up the bill.

Symbolic or not, there is more to it than being bothered by a waste of time for anyone who claims to be bothered by it that much. Of all the issues we face and all the problems with Congress, taking the time to complain about anti-abortion votes, when the opposing side is the side that supports, encourages, and funds widespread abortion, doesn’t make sense.

I don’t buy the “I’m offended by them wasting time” bit.

Bishops’ Official Voices Support For ‘No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act’

Actually, I think the generic congressional polls show that the GOP has taken the lead over the Democrats. Also, the generic polls show overwhelming disapproval of Obamacare - so the GOP might not be in hot water as you say.

Furthermore - you have to understand that substantive pro-life victories have been won at the state level - due to the actions of the GOP legislatures. So I disagree that this move by the House GOP reflects something other than honest pro-life beliefs.


Do you also believe that what the Republicans did about abortion in Texas was only a “symbolic gesture” with “no chance of going anywhere”? If these frequent actions against abortion laws by the GOP are only symbolic and have no chance of changing anything why does the Democrat party always go ballistic in protesting against the GOP when they do it? For example:

Don’t insult our intelligence.

Protesters face off at Texas Capitol over abortion bill

They deserve nothing of the sort. Our “rulers” do not deserve the added benefits of statehood. And how ridiculous that a CITY is even considered for statehood!

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