House Hunting


Well, with 3 kids and enough moolah in the bank, we have started the process of getting out of being renters. We spent all day Sunday looking at places and found one that would be perfect for us. We put an offer in on Monday, and found out that another offer had already been accepted just a few hours before we got ours in.

So disapointing. :frowning: Guess I just needed to tell someone about it. I haven’t been able to reach my mom today, and you guys are second on my list. (Yeah, I know, I don’t really have much in the way of friends.)

So, the search continues. Is there a patron saint of house hunters? :smiley:


I’m sorry you missed your house. But, there will be a better one. :slight_smile:

I rely on St. Joseph for interceding on all matters of provision. And, Our Lady of Providence is a wonderful intercessor–esp for things you really need even when you think you need something else.


And some advice I wish someone forced upon my husband: no plaster walls unless he will hire someone else to fix the inevitable cracks. Oh, and magnolia trees may be pretty, but you will be breaking your back raking all year long these huge, green, waxy leaves and cones that clog up rakes and are too heavy for blowers. :smiley:


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