House passes Conscience Protection Act [CC]


In a largely party-line 245-182 vote, the House of Representatives has passed the Conscience Protection Act.



Thanks be to God! :slight_smile:


And I would bet most of the 182 who did not want to protect conscience…were democrats.

It’ll have a tough time passing the Senate, though


Without knowing the details this sounds great. Anybody know where to find a template of some sort to send to our congress people? I never know how to compose that type of letter.


Definitely a step in the right direction–after all our first amendment says the same thing. But with an administration that has been bucking the first and second amendments, I doubt it will be go into law until we get one that fully supports the constitution as written, not as “interpreted” by a leftwing dominated Supreme Court. We need to pray and vote to reclaim our freedoms because if we don’t they’ll surely be taken away from us through court judgments and those in government who intend to force their agendas on us.


This is good. I hope that it passes the Senate and that Obama signs it.


The current administration would veto any appropriations bill that has this in it. Guaranteed. That is unless a miracle would intervene.

The bill will probably languish in the Senate until after the elections–so it will probably be up to the next administration to sign any bill passed by the Senate, if it even gets that far. Or the Senate will nix it. Either way, I doubt Obama will ever see it cross his desk.


I am confident that Trump would sign it if he gets elected.


Let’s hope so. :yup:


Glad it cleared the House.


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