House Republicans’ CR Funds Planned Parenthood and All Obamacare


The continuing resolution that the House Appropriations Committee introduced yesterday and that the House Republican leadership is preparing to bring up for a vote on the House floor puts no limits on funding Planned Parenthood—the nation’s largest abortion provider—or any provision of Obamacare, including the regulations that force Christian individuals and organizations to buy or provide health insurance that covers abortion-inducing drugs.


I would think they are trying to prevent giving the Democrats any ammunition for the Fall elections. It is looking like they have a chance to take the house outright. They are probably strategizing that they would rather keep things as they are and have both houses than give the Democrats more fundraising fodder.

Just a guess though.


A guess? I think that’s a little modest. :wink:

It would be great if the GOP would stand firmly with the Catholic Church on non-nonnegotiable. :yup:

Realisitically though, look at it from their perspective:

  1. In 2012 Obama/Biden ticket won again.

  2. In 2012 Republicans LOST a Senate seat in Indiana and failed to gain in ND, MT and WI, where Tommy Thompson, who was arguably more popular than Scott Walker, lost to a Madison radical. :rolleyes:

Oh, and by all means, folks, tell me all about the heartland and “real America”. :rolleyes: :o :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Many of them are probably constantly told to stay from the social issues. Frankly, I agree on many levels for the mere sake of reducing evil that is being done. I don’t know if that’s the morally correct position, but it seems to be the best option, and part of that is because a lot of GOP base has sold out on many principles, which the left is all too happy to point out.

I think the republicans keep the House no matter what. In fact, they should gain some seats.

But there’s something I thought Ben Carson eluded to in a recent interview, which is that he may not run for president if the GOP fails yet again to recapture the Senate. I actually understand this position because if the GOP wins the Senate, all those bills sitting on Reid’s desk will go to President Obama forcing the Administration to work. Also, the media won’t have much choice but to cover the republican Congress and their plans, which I think would sound pretty good to most mainstream Americans.

But if the GOP loses the Senate, it will still be a stalemate and GOP policies won’t get their due justice and that means harder campaigning and selling against Hillary.

And really running for president means “putting as much as 10 years of your life on hold” as commentator noted.

When people vote, they need to think about these things, but obviously, they don’t.


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