"House" Series Finale...Thoughts?

Any fans?

Hubby felt the ending did the show justice. My jury is still out, but I’m still in shock it’s over. I really, really enjoyed this last season and I had warmed up to the new doctors quite nicely.


During the funeral scene all I could think was, “His poor mom!” :frowning: Hubby was also disappointed they never said who House’s bio dad was. That didn’t bother me; I prefer some mystery is kept in my shows!

I did really, really enjoy the hour-long retrospective Hugh Laurie put together. I knew him 20-something years ago from British tv. His American accent had just gotten normal to me. Seeing the retrospective made me realize how now his real accent is starting to sound odd to me! :slight_smile:

I thought it wrapped up all the loose ends nicely and was done in awhile that wasn’t contrived or overplayed. I don’t think there was any other way to do it and give the audience the satisfaction of these two main characters maintaining their friendship throughtout all of House’s destructive ways over the years. I certainly didn’t want to see House saying goodbye to Wilson on his death bed or anything. It was good to see some of the past characters playing out as well.

Phah! This potentially great series lost it’s oppurtunity to develop the House Character after he came out of Prison. They should have taken some radical turns there. Instead they just went with the same old fromula.

Also what was disgraceful in terms of the writting was that Cuddy was not even at his ‘Funeral.’ What’s that?

The show could easily have gone another 3 seasons if they actually *grew *the characters.

that aside…for what it is worth, the last episode-such as it was- was good. Very House-ian.

Did miss Cuddy not being involved somehow in the finale.

I thought it was a fitting way to end the series. I will miss it, but at least it left me laughing at the end, instead feeling sad.

I think they even hinted that in some deep dark corner of Houses mind, he might not be so sure there is no God after all. Thoughts?

I concur. He saw at least some light. He did say he was going to change. I note as well he was then there for Wilson.

oh that’s good:) I used to watch House, not sure why i stopped probably stopped showing in the UK on freeview.

Interesting as well when asked if he believed in God he responded it was “facile,” perhaps saying that those that believe in God were looking for simple answers to which he received the response ’ “So is your answer” which implies that he was being philosophically lazy and not thinking it all the way through and that he was using his answer (of it being facile) to religion to be avoidant. Just because the God concept was (in his mind) believed by many simpletons and it is a beautiful ‘defense mechanism’ for said simpletons, does **not **nescessarily mean the God concept is false.

He appeared to consider this and offered no answer in the episode. Other than his verbalized desire to change and subsequent behavior of being with Wilson in his time of need.

At least that was my take on it.

True but hey its a step in the right direction compared to his usual views:rolleyes:

I thought that was a sign that he was going to change. He gave up his life (being a doctor and everything) for his friend (so that Wilson would live out his last days happily). It was a wholly unselfish move on House’s part.

Not wholly. He avoided jail time and deceived his friends and family with him faking his own death.

I think symbolically, the message was that in order to change, he was going to have to walk away from everything. His job. His family. (Ok…his debt to society is still on the books). It was slightly explored when he was fresh out of rehab and was doubting whether he was going to return to medicine a few seasons ago.

Strangely reminds me of that lyric from the John Michael Talbot song “Cast your Cares”…“Only when we die are we free to live.”

Strangely, in a bizarre way, House ended in a Christian message…

It’s the first time I ever made the “House” <-> “Holmes” (homes) connection, and the (Wil)son <-> (Wat)son connection. I’m a little slow … :rolleyes:

I liked that they rode off into the sunset Easy Rider style. :slight_smile:

It was probably smart thinking to do the “How we did it” and “Aren’t we wonderful” stuff before the final episode, because I would not have sat through it, otherwise. Other people’s accomplishments bore me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Off topic…

jmmcrae: I have always loved this quote and it puts a smile on my face every time I see it. Don’t ever change it.

I for one am still whizzed with the Cuddy issue. All that drame - just to have it end as such…

Wow I quit watching House for a few months, and he goes and dies…

Not “avoided jail time”. He was willing to serve his sentence, he just wanted to delay it until after Wilson died. He also left behind a clue for the head of the department indicating that he was still alive.

He was willing to serve his sentence when he wanted people to lie for him. They were not, so he faked his own death, now he never has to serve the jail time, thus avoiding it for as long as he chooses. Leaving a clue doesn’t prove a thing that he plans to ever come back to “life.”

I loved the ending. I was worried they would end it badly, killing Wilson and House off. This was more like it. I thought It tied everything up nicely. When Wilson found out he had cancer my concerns for the plot grew. House always knew what Wilson was doing before Wilson ever did. He was always one step ahead of him so when Wilson hid that he was being tested and actually HAD cancer without House knowing I thought the end of show wrap up was going to be sloppy. But I was wrong. It was great and left a lot up to the imagination while closing some loose ends nicely.
I would love to see the show “Chase”:wink:

I put it up there with the Sopranos ending in that it was true to the show and left the viewer room to keep the story going on if they wanted to.

As far as the spirituality and morality of House himself. I would have been disappointed if he had just all of the sudden been fixed and found God and morality. It would have been a lie to the creative aspect of the show.

It is too bad that contracts got in the way of bringing Cuddy back, but I loved Amber.

Did anyone else notice the song at the end is the same song Amber sang as a hallucination when House thought he was rid of her and she came back at a restaurant?

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