House Speaker Paul Ryan has defeated a longshot Republican primary challenger who had been praised by Donald Trump

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

House Speaker Paul Ryan has defeated a longshot Republican primary challenger who had been praised by Donald Trump

     JANESVILLE, Wis.        (AP) -- House  Speaker Paul Ryan rejected the idea that his easy win Tuesday over a  longshot Republican primary challenger praised by Donald Trump spells  danger for Trump's presidential prospects in the swing state of  Wisconsin.

All the huge primary win means, Ryan insisted, is that he’s really well-liked in the congressional district where he was born and raised and that he has represented since 1998.

Businessman Paul Nehlen had been courting Trump supporters and won praise from the Republican presidential nominee last week. But despite their strained relationship, Trump endorsed Ryan days later.
“I don’t think it means he’s doomed in November,” Ryan said of Trump. “I think it means right here in Wisconsin, people know me very, very well.”
Ryan had largely ignored Nehlen in what had been a sleepy primary before Trump thanked Nehlen on Twitter for his comments defending Trump. Nehlen won the backing of some prominent conservative figures, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Ryan’s popularity in his southeastern Wisconsin district.

Ryan won by about 70 percentage points, based on unofficial results.
“We knew we were going to do well,” Ryan said. “We got the votes we were hoping and expecting to get all along. The outcome is exactly what we were hoping for.”

Donald Trump endorsed Paul Ryan.

Right, but why did he wait till the last minute? Hmmm.

Donald Trump praises Paul Ryan’s opponent (8/1/16):

Donald Trump says he’s not quite ready to endorse Paul Ryan (8/2/16):

Donald Trump endorses Paul Ryan (8/5/16):

It’s this sequence of events that has me smack dab on the fence after leaning towards Trump. He’s quick to praise the wrong people and slow to praise the right ones. Doesn’t bode well for his ability to work with a Republican-held House which theoretically ought to be a given as the Republican nominee.

In other words, typical Trump being consistently inconsistent.

Good. :thumbsup:

Pretty much the same think is going to happen in the General Election, on a national scale. The GOP, by selling out to Trump, will not only take a resounding defeat in the Presidential election, buy they stand to lose many seats in both houses of Congress.

I’ve worked with a few Fortune 50 CEO’s. Working well with others is not one of their strong points.

It depends on what you mean by the GOP. Do you mean the party elites or do you mean the voters in the primaries? The primary voters who claim to be conservative and voted for Trump have cut off their noses to spite their faces. This will probably lead to the election of Hillary which will take us farther down the Obama road to oblivion. All this because they were in a collective snit.

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