House Stenographer Yanked From Chamber Ranting About God, Freemasons

From ABC News:
A government stenographer is believed to be in a Washington, DC-area hospital on Thursday after being forcibly removed from the House of Representatives chamber Wednesday night while shouting into the microphone during the vote on a compromise bill that ended the government shutdown and raised the debt limit.

You can see a video of her being pulled off the rostrum at the link, above. Honestly, you can’t hear very much of it, but the video is there. What she is to reported to have said was:

She was heard shouting “the House is divided,” according to one congressional source. After about 30 seconds, Reidy was pulled off the rostrum by two people from the House chamber security staff.

“He will not be mocked,” the woman said, according to an audio recording of the incident posted online by Public Radio International reporter Todd Zwillich. “This is not one nation under God. It never was.”

“The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under god! It never was. Had it been, it would not have been! The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons!” she added.
The video at HuffPo has enhanced audio. Also see Fox News and the Daily Caller.

Praying for that lady…

Hail Mary…


Why a hospital ? We are not “one nation under God.” We need God in America !

praying for the country, she spoke truth to power. [SIGN]GOD BLESS HER !!! [/SIGN]

Amen! America is not, and was never a Christian nation.

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