House to hold IRS ‘impeachment’ hearing for Koskinen over Lerner emails


House Republicans on Friday announced hearings to investigate whether IRS Commissioner John Koskinen misled Congress and violated a subpoena, taking the first steps that could ultimately lead to his impeachment over the tax agency’s tea party targeting


Responsibility for one’s actions???


What a concept!


As the civil service now becomes more politicized, the value of limited government can hold the abuses of power by these political civil servants in check through the courts.


We will never have limited government as long as we keep electing republicans and democrats.


You will never have limited government as long as Americans no longer believe in limited government.

Young people believe in socialism, and that is what is taught to them in schools as well.

Democrats and Republicans are not the problem. Democrats and Republicans appealing to the socialist wishes of the people is why limited government is fading in America.


…And all that cynical ‘pox on both their houses’ line has been able to deliver this cycle is Trump and Sanders.


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