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I’d like to start a rant about the TV series, House. This last show was nothing more than a slap to Christians and believers alike. Throughout the show, House proclaims, “There is no God!” Then goes on to slam anyone who has any trace of belief in God. The support is lacking and the arguments are misleading, but that doesn’t stop them in this fictional world, anything is possible; like someone actually being cured by embryonic stem cells.

I don’t know if the creators and/or writers have any belief in a higher power. Their material is littered with false assumptions.

Only gay love can be true love.
All belief in God is based on delusion.
Heterosexual relationships always fail.
Heterosexual marriages always have someone who is cheating.

The list could go on and on.

I must admit I became a “fan” last year when I learn the creators created House with close similarities to Sherlock Holmes. Since then I’ve had my senses assaulted by the writers, this last show being no different. I’m like a bug attracted by the light only to be zapped when I touch.

Am I the only one?

I quit watching House after the second season. It was okay in the begining, but then the producers realized they had a hit on their hands and started messing with the scripts. Now it is just a vehicle for the typical liberal agenda, trying to top itself every week with more and more outrageous storylines and dumb dialogue. Turn it off and read a book.

Actually, House is a fairly mixed bag.

There was one episode where a pregnant woman is sick; Dr. House wants her to have an abortion to save her life. The woman refuses. Eventually he finds a way to cure her without killing the baby; during surgery, her womb is open, and the baby’s tiny hand emerges and grasps House’s index finger. He stares at it in awe.

Later, he goes to talk to the patient and she points out to him that he now refers to her unborn child as a “baby” not as a “fetus,” as he had before throughout the episode. The episode ends with a scene in which House is alone, deep in thought, staring at the finger the baby grasped.

So there you are. A really pro-life episode.

Its a mixed bag.

I couldn’t disagree with you more. House has never converted anyone on the show to his point of view, and he has tried many many times. The people always leave the hospital with their faith in God strengthened if anything. He’s not supposed to be a guy people look up to, he is a guy that is beyond flawed and unhappy.
Did you see the episode last season with the Priest? He had been accused of molesting an alter boy. At the end of the show it came out that the boy had falsly accused him.
The show is not supposed to be a ‘religious’ show, I think people here forget that. I love the show and actually my Priest really likes it as well. He’s never complained about it being immoral or anything to watch:rolleyes:

I’m going to have to add my discord to the what the OP expostulates as well. To my mind House has always been a very balanced show on theology, such that there is no definitive answer about the existence of God and it is left up to the viewer to make their own interpretation. I don’t think the show could work any other way, and holding the middle ground allows it to appeal to wider audience. If anything House exemplifies what it means to have faith more so than any other show I know of.

I really liked the show this season that Jennifer Grey (you know the one from that movie with Patrick Swayze - :wink: ) had a child - and she risked her life by not going on chemo so her child could live as the antibodies in her blood were treating her child.

There was also the episode where the mother of Dr Cuttie’s adotped daughter almost dies. The teenager is pushing to have the abortion - Dr C is pushing for her to have the child and being really reckless and House is the voice of reason.

There was also an episode this season where House spends an episode talking a woman out of euthanasia.

So it is a mixed bag - I don’t like the whole bisexual relationship with 13 - but she has left at this point due to the Huntingtons.

Honestly every religious figure that has gone in to the hospital looks even better leaving - plus Dr Chase is a former seminarian who left after realizing the priesthood was not his calling but his father’s. So whenever these figures come in Dr Chase does go on his own faith journey.

Enough for now.

If you can’t take a little bit of anti-Christianity on the chin and roll with it, you’re going to have a very difficult life.
House rules. And I don’t think his assaults on Christianity are necessarily offensive OR the views of the creators. They’re character shaping.

You do have a point - I think I have seen worse anti-Catholicism/anti-Christianity here on CAF a few times.

I quit watching house last season. I was an avid fan for most of that time. I could take the liberal agenda and anti-religious rants from House fine but the show just became too repetitive for me. As someone else pointed it out, they keep coming up with more and more outrageous scenarios. More than that, I can’t watch any show in which I don’t like any of the characters no matter how good the show is.

All of the characters are very unlikable to me now and House is just sad to me. Here’s a brilliant man that is just so lost in his own genius and can’t see any further than that. It’s just too depressing. The older I get the less i can take these type of shows. I prefer more uplifting stuff.

I used to watch House. I didn’t actually stop watching because of the certain anti-Christian elements (and that was just House, he’s a toxic figure and even everyone on the show ignores pretty much everything non-medically related he says).

No, I stopped watching because the show “progressed” from a medical drama to a bad prime time soap opera. I was the type of person who watched it for the interesting medical drama (I am an engineering student, so I guess the problem solving appealed to me). Unfortunately, the soap opera started to become a tumour, and it’s taken over the whole show (now it’s a soap opera with occasional medicine; pretty much it’s a slightly more tame Grey’s Anatomy clone).

I’m a big fan of House. Yes, it has anti-Christian elements, but that’s just who the character is. And the episode already mentioned where House wanted to abort the baby but the mother wouldn’t let him is a fantastic pro-life episode.

I do still watch the show, but I don’t like it as much. Like others have said, it’s more of a soap opera now. The medicine is in the background now, and the doctors’ personal lives are in the forefront. The only reason I keep watching is in the hopes I’ll still be watching when it gets better. I kinda hope this is the last season.

I haven’t seen any recent ones, but have seen lots of reruns.

The OP is right on the surface until you realize one of the HUGE undercurrents: yeah House sneers at the idea of faith, and can accomplish amazing things, but in the end he is still a miserable, despicable S.O., well, you know. He’s clearly lost and without a meaning in his life. Coincidence? Methinks not.

In the end, I’m actually OK with the show sending this message to viewers: “You can live a life of extraordinary achievement and success as an atheist. But you’ll be miserable every second of it.”

House is the type of Character who, while an Atheist, you still empathize with sometimes. You also Pray that He will See the Truth at the End of the Series. Maybe He will.

Your comments are accurate and no, you’re not the only one. House is the rude guy on the internet but in his case, he actually knows something. Otherwise, the current complaint is TV is not gay enough and those Christians/Catholics need to open their eyes to the great nothing. Nothing made you and nothing will save you.

All you’ve got is a head full of knowledge, life is hard and then you die. Yes, it’s fictional but it’s possible the naive might take some of it seriously. After watching a few episodes, I had to quit.


…Ed are you drunk?!?

Your post makes no sense. :rolleyes:

This is exactly how my wife and I feel. I agree, with other posters on the religious aspects. Never bothered me, and in fact, I feel in many ways, they can strengthen one’s faith, as well as the other characters on the show.

What stopped us watching was the soap opera junk. And yes, the sex. Our daughter, 8 used to watch with us, and things just started getting WAY too hot and heavy on nearly every episode for us, and of course, for a younger child. I really, really hate when they do that to a show…They lost a few very regular viewers in us.

To the OP–you mentioned being a Sherlock Holmes fan.

If so, skip the irritating House (echh) and watch the new PBS series, Sherlock instead. It will take multiple viewings of each episode (there are only 3 so far) to catch everything–it’s packed with lines delivered at a breakneck pace–I sometimes have trouble understanding the British accents and catching the innuendos.

Sherlock is an absolute delight, a banquet for fans of Holmes, Watson, Mycroft, Lestrade, and of course, Moriarity! The series stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Watson. I love this series almost as much as I love the Jeremy Brett series (God rest his soul), and I love that series almost as much as I love the original Doyle canon.

I would describe the new series as highly-respectful, in fact, reverent, of Doyle’s characters and stories. IMO, the writers honor Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson, and their love for these characters shines through each glorious episode.

The only drawback to the Sherlock series is that there are only 3 episodes so far. I want more! MORE!

Stop wasting your time on the curmudgeon and invest your television time in Sherlock instead.

I don’t watch House 1) because I can’t stand his character (once I happened to tune across one of the eps where H was in cardiac arrest, and I thought, “Good! Too bad he’ll revive in time for the closing credits.”), and 2) those who know say that the show is not medically accurate.

That said, it must be remembered that House’s character, like that of Archie Bunker in the '70s, is a negative role model, not one to be admired and emulated. Watch House if you must. Then do, say, and believe the opposite of what he does, says, and believes.


I wonder if it’s that simple. Remember the episode where H. is treating a young girl who has terminal cancer, but is dying from another, mysterious condition, and H. remarks to one of his colleagues: “We are just doing this so Mommy can have a year to say good bye”???

I could relate to him at that moment. No doubt a physician such as he would have seen hundreds of such cases in his career. Every human being has a unique, precious life. Then something physically tiny goes wrong in his or her body, and it all comes to an end? What value is left in human life that can end so capriciously? Who wouldn’t be tempted to hide behind their own intellect, as a protective mechanism, faced with these situations?

(Of course, the corollary of such a position is that one’s own life is devalued, as well. H. see this first hand when he is running out of oxygen in the sealed smallpox unit [current season] and realizes that he will be allowed to die rather than break containment, if necessary.)

I imagine that H’s antireligious beliefs and flawed personality are precisely the route to his character development. I enjoy the show.

GOD Bless and ICXC NIKA.

Huh, funny. You see OMG TEH SINZ! I see a well written telvision show with great actors, a sharp edge; and a truly original main character who’s actually interesting. A lot more interesting than all the goody two shoes ya’ll seem to want on TV.

Well, at least, it use to be. The lack of the original cast is what did it for me. I want Chae, Cameran, the rest, not these new shmucks

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