Housework support group (flylady)

Well, I just began with the flylady system today and boy does my sink shine!!! I wish my whole house already shined but I guess I have to be patient. While I was shining I thought I would start a support group thread on here for all of us who are “cleanliness challenged”. A place where we can rant, rave, even brag about our accomplishments. Being a lurker on CAF for so long, it would also be nice to get acquainted with some of you lovely people.
I would love to hear from people who have already implemented the flylady system into their lives, how it’s going etc. Also from those who are in the same boat I am in, living in a disaster area, feeling overwhelmed but knowing that SOMETHING has to be done!
So, cleanliness challenged CAFers, what’s your story? :slight_smile:

Hello there! I’ve been flying since August. I love it…most of the time! I am a teacher so I have not been doing well since I went back to school. I try…but I am so darn tired when I get home. I have been sticking really well to a few of their lessons: one load of laundry a day, shine the sink, have a night time routine. I also streamlined my grocery shopping and dinner making routines based on their system. I am looking forward to hearing how others are doing! Thanks for starting this thread. God bless…

Good idea for a thread; thanks!

I was flying pretty well last year, but then a family crisis and a steady series of aggravations (car crash, bursitis in my hip, death of my favorite cat, to name a few things) sent me into a tailspin. Right now the clutter-control is maybe a B- to C+, but at least the dining table is clear and the laundry is caught up. I have friends from out of town coming by for dinner on Tuesday, so that will shame me into doing some major cleaning over the weekend. :o I think I’ll start by going downstairs and shining my sink as soon as I log off. :thumbsup:

Flybaby here!

My one major failing is the laundry. I KNOW it’s because it’s in the garage and we have a two story house. I also have a family who has a very hard time keeping their dirty laundry in ONE place, ie. drop their dirty clothes where-ever it fancies them to do so. Curbing that with discipline and nagging.

When I had a one levelhouse and a laundry room a year ago I had the most awesome laundry system set up! One load a day and it got done, folded and put away!!! Ahhh the good ole’ days.

One lady on here (sorry I can’t remember your user name! :o ) mentioned that she had set up an entire clset in her laundry area. An entire family closet. AKA: take clothes out of dryer, fold, put away right where you are standing! Brilliant! So we planned on it, even moved the kids dressers to the dining room. NOw if we could only finish the garage enough to get the dressers in there…LOL BUT we have been chiseling away at it for a few hours each weekend. I made my DH promise it would be done by the baby’s birth, and that is in less than 7 weeks! :eek:

We are getting there, patience is the key. :thumbsup:

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