Housing crisis popular with some popular Teens

usnews.com/blogs/the-home-front/2008/6/30/housing-crisis-popular-with-popular-teens.html I don’t get it. Call me old-fashioned, but have these teens gone too far with this one?
:confused: :eek:

This is what you get with Relativism. There is no right or wrong.

Probably have gone too far. There are kids starving in Africa though.

When you say “gone too far” are you referring to the trespassing, under-age drinking and/or drugs, wanton fornication or the probable vandalism? …or is it only the disrespect for the housing crisis that is problematic? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad those children did not short mortgage backed securities and use the profits for charity which I think George Soros did.

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