Houston Astros scandal

Has anyone else been following this? I’m a big sports fan, and apparently the Houston Astros baseball team has been using electronic means to steal the signs of opposing players! Their owner fired the GM and manager, but I think the World Series they won has a big asterisk near it. Would love to hear other thoughts.

it wasn’t like this before

oh wait, it was

do you think the team penalty is severe enough to stop it from happening somewhere else ($5 mill and 2 years of draft picks)?

I don’t know. I’ve thought about that a lot. Obviously, what is done is done and you can’t go back in time and take away what they did or the outcome of what they did. I think their World Series win is heavily tainted, that’s for sure.

As for their punishment, no I do not think it was severe enough. A ban on post season play for a year or two would have been appropriate.

i like this idea,


Buffalo Wild Wings weighed in on the Manchester City (soccer) scandal, which got some Astros fans mad. As a result #boycottbww is trending on Twitter this morning.

Screenshot_2020-02-15 Buffalo Wild Wings on Twitter THAT’S how you punish a team that cheats https t co A0HJYUjc0q Twitter

Love it! I’m with Buffalo Wild Wings 100%

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