Houston firefighter fatally shot by neighbor


Investigators say a Houston-area woman who was home alone has fatally shot her next-door neighbor after hearing noises at her front door and seeing a man outside. Authorities say 27-year-old Samuel Keen, a member of the Houston Fire Department, had been out drinking with friends, took a taxi home and allegedly was intoxicated when he was shot Monday night.


Verifying your target and what’s beyond it? Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Shootings that violate gun safety should find the shooter guilty of murder or manslaughter.


What a tragic event.

The case is being referred to the grand jury to determine if charges should be filed.

Before we jump on the 69-year old woman who was alone at night, keep in mind the following:

The woman told authorities she was alone in her brick home in the 20600 block of Youpon Lane when she heard a noise about 9:30 p.m. and saw the figure of a man through her opaque glass door.She said she ordered the man to leave, telling him she was armed and would shoot if he kept trying to come in.
She claims the man ignored her warning and continued trying to open the door.
The woman, who authorities declined to name, said she fired two shots from a revolver through the door and then called 911.

What should she have done? Call 911 and wait? What if her neighbor was not making a mistake because he was drunk but really planned to harm her?

Should we be discussing her decision to fire her gun or his decision to get so drunk that he couldn’t identify his own house?




That is exactly what she should have done. If she had the ability to retreat further into her home she should have also done that. The door was still locked and the intruder was not kicking it in when she decided to shoot. How paranoid have people become that the first reaction in a situation like this is to shoot blindly into the night?


You mean, like these situations?




A glass door is protection from insects; thats about it. It provides no protection from even a mildly determined intruder.

Also, no one should have a duty to retreat in their own home, let alone a woman by herself at night confronted by a man who when even informed he may be shot continues attempting to gain access.

Clean shot and I hope the grand jury doesn’t waste anyones time and money with a trial.


Yes, like those. The media has created an environment of fear and violence where people are jumping at everything that goes bump in the night.


Should the media not report on home invasions, especially the ones where the resident is killed or raped or both? Is it the media creating the atmosphere or is it the criminals?




She doesn’t have to retreat in her own home.

I would like to be able to say that I would have done things differently, like had a visual, but you can’t make that judgment until your in that circumstance. She should not be prosecuted, she was in her home protecting herself.

Getting drunk has consequences.


Don’t you mean the criminals should not create an environment of crime and fear?


So homeowner’s should just be shot. Allow intruders into their homes and if the intruders want to kill the homeowner, so be it??


I vote criminals.


Yes, the criminals are the ones most responsible for spreading fear.

The media doesn’t simply report facts, they report on the crimes that they think will help them generate clicks and revenue. During the process they have to ignore a large number of crimes that they find irrelevant for their purpose, selling advertisement. The end result is that people have a skewed view of their odds of becoming a victim of a violent crime and live paranoid of becoming the next victim.


What would you do in England/Ireland etc where know one has guns, plus there was a case a few years ago in England where the owner of the house had a hunting gun and was about to be burglarized for the fourth time, so he fired a warning shot hitting one of the 3 intruders in the shoulder. The injured intruder took him to Court for assault and won damages, So where do you go from there !!! when you cannot protect your own house. Justice System is a joke.


I am not a fan of the news media, but this is just silly. Criminals break into homes in the Houston area. They kill people. They rape people. They kidnap people. How often does it happen? Too often for the victims.

If you are a 69 year old woman at home alone and someone tries to open your door, even after you warn them, what are you supposed to think? This isn’t really happening? I’m just being paranoid?

Self defense is allowed in Catholic doctrine. If a person is reasonably in fear for their life, they can use force, up to and including deadly force, to defend themselves.




Ah, but that is England/Ireland. We are in Texas and, believe me, we have the right to defend ourselves.

I will be surprised if any charges are filed in this case. A very tragic ending to a night of too much drinking.




Thank God you don’t live in England thinking like that you would find yourself in Prison and being accused of using “to much deadly force” which is not allowed.


That and y’all drive on the wrong side of the road!!!:smiley:






Thank you God, for not making me live in England, where I wouldn’t be allowed to defend myself.

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