How A Casino Tycoon Is Trying To Combat An Exploding Pro-Palestinian Movement On Campuses


**Robert Gardner rarely heard anything about Israel growing up in South Los Angeles. But at UCLA, he started learning about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — and seeing parallels with conflicts close to home.

The African American senior likened Israeli crackdowns on Palestinian protesters to police violence against black Americans. So he joined Students for Justice in Palestine and an international movement known as BDS, which advocates boycotts, divestment and sanctions against companies deemed players in Israeli human rights violations.

Earlier this year, though, he was shocked to see — on a poster outside a Westwood market — his name listed as one of 16 UCLA “Jew haters” and terrorist allies.

Since then, he says, “I’ve received death threats online, and people have followed me.”**

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Antisemitism is very much on the rise in the US and Europe.


Apparently Students for Justice in Palestine advocates such things as violence against Jewish student organizations.

The irony of course is that Palestinian groups like Hamas would just as soon kill this pro-Palestinian student as to kill Jews because he’s American.


What is Soros’ role in all this?


Yes, unfortunately. I would think that Jews and Israel’s name would be even further protected in today’s modernity after all of the horrible things that happen against Jewish people (just because they are Jewish, in many cases). Besides, there is only one Jewish nation-state worldwide, and there are a great many Muslim states, terrorist groups, organizations, the list goes on.

I don’t think that there is Jewish terrorism in Israel nearly as much as there is coming from the Palestinians.

Liberal antisemite (or, at least, an antisemitic supporter). They support Palestine because it is “their land” (contrary to much research and Jewish history in Israel) whereas the Palestinians are the descendants of Arab and other Muslims who settled there.

They also make claims about Israel’s atrocities when Palestine has done many evil things to Jewish people living in Israel, even children! :mad:


eye for an eye am i right


College kids always latch on to the “political underdog” du jour. When my Dad went to school, it was the civil rights and anti-Vietnam movements. When I went to school, it was the victims of apartheid in South Africa. Now it’s Palestine.

Anything to feel self important without knuckling down and hitting the books. :slight_smile:



George Soros is on record for funding many organisations and causes that are avowedly Anti-Israel. Wouldn’t be surprised if he finds the BDS as well.


Here in South Africa, when Woolworths (a leading shopping store chain) said they would not stop stocking products made in Israel, the leader of the BDS movement here said to people who shop at Woolworths “We know where you live” Their demostrations also feature Pr-Hamas, pro terrorism banners.

BDS is violent, racist and antisemitic to it’s core. One thing Sheldon Adelson and David Horowitz have wrong is you cannot deligitimize a movement that has no legitimacy to begin with.


Maybe so, but when we find out the full truth, I’m sure it would be biased either way. :shrug:


When I was in college in the early 80s, I do not recall if there was any pressure to join pro-Palestinian organizations, but I do recall professors portraying the Palestinians with great sympathy, and often bringing up their plight even when it did not fit within the course they were teaching. And me being a young person at the time actually believed their dookey.


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