How about a year in the Church dedicated to St Joseph

In this difficult time in the Church and confusion over gender, it would be wonderful if the Church dedicated, for the first time ever, a year of St. Joseph. Prayer warriors, petition our Lord and our Blessed Mother for this special time of grace in the Church. We need his fatherly example and intercession.
Thank you!


Fr. Donald Calloway just published a new book about Consecration to St. Joseph. It has received excellent reviews. You might enjoy reading it.

Thank you Anne! We have it here!

I support your idea. Also, your post reminds me to visit St Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal.

Some of the prettiest flowers are those that grow by the roadsides.

Individual bishops are now declaring “Year of St. Joseph” in their dioceses, in connection with Fr. Calloway’s book. I get the impression this idea has been around awhile since when I searched for this thread, one came up from 2010 talking about a “Year of St. Joseph”.

Bishop Ricken of Green Bay was the first to announce and it sounds like from Fr Calloway’s book page there will be more.

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