How and where did you meet your Catholic spouse?

How and where did you meet your Catholic spouse?

At work. She pursued me relentlessly. And I never even realized it! I thought she was just friendly. I thank God for her persistance (sp?) every single day!

I’m not married, but I’m antsy to see these replies. grabs her pad and pencil :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife and I were both flippin’ burgers at McDonald’s. I asked her if she knew how to bowl, she said no, I said would you like to learn? She said yes. I proposed 3 weeks later. We were married a year and a half later. That was 1974. She is my soul-mate. She is in my childhood memories, yet I never met her until I was 18 years old!

I left home at the end of school and moved 300 miles away to start a traineeship and go to uni. Dad cautioned me to not get too involved in anything till I was used to working and studying, so I went to Mass at the local church for a few months before volunteering for the music team. I joined up with two older ladies and was supposed to sing/play with them every second week. Something threw our schedules out and the every-other-week was not going to work for about two months, so they said, “maybe you could join this other group, here’s the name of the man who helps organise it, he’s a friend of ours, he lives right near you and can probably even help you with a lift.” (I didn’t have a car then.) Well he actually didn’t live right near me at all but did have a kind of car that I’d always loved, which was a good talking point, and agreed to collect and drop me home for rehearsals and Mass.

So there ya go, that’s my story.

In the Pro-Life group at MIT. I was a freshman, he was a junior. I was dating someone else at the time, so we had a nice chance to build a non-romantic friendship first.

Once we did start dating we got engaged in about three months, and married fourteen months after that, right after my junior year final exams finished up.

I know several others who also met their spouses through pro-life work… :thumbsup:


Not married yet, but I met my boyfriend at a concert performed by some mutual friends. The band was performing in a bar, and opened their set by welcoming two tables of their very good friends - the table with my bf and his colleagues, and the table of me and my colleagues. We kind of peered over at each other to figure out who these people were who were also very good friends of the band, and ended up pushing our two tables together and talking (there were about 10 of us).

We didn’t exchange numbers or express any interest in dating at the time, but since the band regularly played there, occasionally our groups would see each other and sit together. Two months after we met, we exchanged phone numbers and started meeting socially. After being friends for four or five months, he got up the nerve to ask me out - I had been trying to convince myself to give up on him because he wasn’t interested, but it turns out he had been waiting for his previous invalid marriage to be declared invalid so he was free to date again.

But when people ask where we met, we’re both a little embarrassed to admit we met in a bar. :blush: Neither of us is the clubbing / picking up men or women in bars type, and people always assume the worst. It sounds much better to say it was a concert. I always said I’d never date someone I’d met in a drinking establishment - it suggests a pattern of behavior that isn’t what I’d want in a mate. Ironic, isn’t it?

He saw me first acting on stage in church. I was a freshman and also belonged to the theatre group in church. Our school was hosting the Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students from all the other parts of the Eastern Region and my theatre group was performing on stage that day. He watched me and afterwards came to tell me how nicely I acted. I didnt even take notice of him cause then I believed that all guys where out looking for freshmen to mane and distroy:p He however keep trying to be nice, though I kept forgetting his name:confused: Four years after, when he believed he was ready to marry, he came back and proposed, then I was in my final year(five year course) and I said yes. The best part is that that year, he went to the beautiful Marian grotto at St Agnes to promise our Lady that if I said yes he will give up his bad ways while I had gone to Our Lady of Apostles Monastry Retreat Centre that same year to ask Our Lady to give me her son to marry cause the guy I kind of liked that time wasn’t catholic and I desprately wanted to marry a catholic.

I was dating a good friend of my husband’s.:blush: My bf at that time, was actually moving away, and my husband (my bf’s friend at that time) called me to invite me. I wasn’t going to go, because my bf and I were breaking up, but I ended up going, and voila! I met my husband to be. I had been praying for God to give me someone who cares about me (my bf at that time was not very nice to me) and my husband that very first night said…‘wouldn’t it be weird if we got married?’ :eek: We were friends for several months–no dating–seeing other people. And then he moved away and I missed him. He missed me. He came back, and we then married shortly after that. Maybe a total of 2 years before we actually married.

So–you never know what might happen. I tell my single friends to just let God arrange things, and He will take care of your future for you!:slight_smile:

I met my husband at work. He came to interview for a job and after he interviewed I asked my boss if we were going to hire him. :wink: A year later we started dating.

One of the first things he said to me was that he’d do anything for me but he’d never go to Mass. (it’s a long story but he unfairly blamed the Church for much of his dysfunctional family life.) A month or so later he went to Mass with me. A few months after that he joined the Knights of Columbus and soon after that we were engaged and married (of course) in the Church.

I met my husband on

I’d been a member for about 3 years and he’d been a member for several months. He found me on his last search before giving up on the website.

We lived on opposite sides of the US, so he moved to my state just 5 months after we started writing. Now almost 2 years after his first letter, we’ve been married for over 6 months and are even more in love than when we first started dating. :love:

College sweethearts :wink:

We met in Theology Class (Faith, Reason and the Gospels) taught by the late Fr. James Casey, S.J. at Boston College our freshman year (1970 - yikes!!!) We refer to it as the “marriage made in heaven” because of the Theology class link :slight_smile: Fr. Casey, bless his heart, had us work on a project together. We also sat together (I plunked myself down beside future dh) in Western Civ class. Finally, near the end of freshman year, he dumped the old girlfriend and came to his senses. He never had a clue that I was interested in him until I casually mentioned he might want to attend the annual School of Education skits in which I was performing. We’ve been married since a week after graduation in '74.

We met on Catholic OnLine - the other Catholic message forum. :smiley: We were both members at the time, and I emailed him something I thought he would enjoy. Not ever guessing he would even write back. Well - when he did, we didn’t stop - ever. :slight_smile: He lived in England, I’m in Michigan. We met in person eight months after meeting online. He proposed on that visit, and we were engaged for over a year while we prepared for marriage as much as possible given our locations, and worked our way through the immigration process. We were married 30 Sept 2006.

:heart::extrahappy: :heart:


The Catholic Student Center at the University of Florida sometime in the last century. Well, actually, it was 1978. We got married in (checks engraving on ring) 1983.

After years of looking via secular avenues (brilliant for a man looking for a faithful Catholic woman, huh???), I was lucky enough to meet an amazing, beautiful woman on Catholicmatch. We are getting married in April.

Here’s our success story (I admit it, I am proud of my fiance), and links to many others:

Whatever avenue you choose, DON’T waiver in the qualities you want in a spouse. Too many people sacrifice the things they want in a spouse and value getting married over marrying the right person God has chosen. God wants some people to marry as 18 year old high school sweethearts, others to marry in their 30s and beyond, and still others to remain single. The key is accepting God’s plan for each of us; abiding by that, we will be fulfilled through His grace beyond our belief.

At church! :smiley:
He’s 10 years older than I am… and we’ve been married 7 years now!

Actually… DH was on the “core team” of adults in their 20s-30s who helped run the LifeTeen program at our parish…
And, I was… well… the teen! :smiley:

We didn’t start spending time together or dating until I was well into college! :wink: (So get your dirty minds out of the gutter!)… besides, I pursued HIM! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww!!! I like this story a lot. It’s very romantic.:yup: :love: How great that a long distance relationship worked out like that!!!

Haha…we met through mutual friends at college. Typical reason why parents want their children to go to Franciscan…esp. daughters ;).

Anyway, it’s kind of funny. One of my closest friends (who I met at FUS) is getting married in April to a man she met off of I met DH because she was friends with him and his friends and she met her fiance because I had joined before coming back to school and then it became the “cool thing to do” amongst my friends :D.

He was on that site looking for information about becoming a priest. :smiley: Some accuse me of snatching him away from Our Blessed Mother, but I like to think of it as moving him from one vocation to another. :wink:


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