How anti-Mormons will use the Mitt Romney run for the Presidency


This is the first salvo from Evangelical Christians on the Mormons and Mitt Romney. It’s mostly about Mormonism, not Mitt Romney. I’m sure that if Romney runs the Mormons can expect more of this kind of thing on the national stage:


probably will - I’m amazed that I haven’t really heard much about it when his name comes up as potential Republican front runners.

I myself am conflicted at the thought of having a Morman president. I’m still in shock when i first learned that Eisenhower was once a Jehovah Witness.


I live in MA and my parents are big Romney supporters. I have respect for him. He is a bit of a flip flopper, definately passing himself off as a liberal to gain MA votes and then ‘suddenly’ becoming against gay marriage and pro-life as his term drew to a close and whispers of a presidential run started. But he seems bright and handles himself very well in the public eye.


I suspect Eisenhower renounced that when he went to West Point!


I myself wonder at that possibility, but then again, not so long ago many people did not like the idea of a Catholic being President. John F. Kennedy was the first Catholic President. One of the main factors in Al Smith’s failed Presidential campaign in 1928 was his being a Catholic. It will take a while to get over some prejudices.


yeah, i try to consider that too


I agree that he is bright. He made a big success of the Winter Olympics in Utah. I have no problem with his religion. My DH did a lot of business with the Mormons in Utah when he worked in Denver and he speaks very highly of their ethics and way of doing business. I think Romney would make an attractive candidate. Perhaps he has flipped-flopped, but tell me one candidate who doesn’t “adjust his position” or rethink and say “I have learned better.”


I’m a lot more concerned about the Senator from Illinois who seems to be taking the nation by storm, whose name rhymes with Osama.


that would be the senator who was sworn in with a Koran. I find him a MUCH greater threat to the success of our nation than Romney. Mormons these days tend to be a pretty patriotic bunch and while I don’t agree with Romney’s politics I would never consider him “dangerous” if elected. Barak Obama though scares me.:eek:


And if you don’t agree with him, you are a racist. I see it coming.


And Barack’s middle name is Hussein.

And no one even raises an eyebrow over this?


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And Barack’s middle name is Hussein.

And no one even raises an eyebrow over this?

Why should his middle name bother anyone?
I did not choose either my first nor middle name.
Did you choose yours?


Typically, in the United States, most people have very generic middle names, mine being a middle name that has nothing to do with family ties or history. Just a middle name my folks picked and liked.

In many other parts of the world, the family name is given as a middle name. It has more meaning than my middle name. And seeing how this Senator’s Father was Muslim, and Barack has the middle name of Hussein, which so happens to be linked with one of the most recent evil dictators of the Middle East, it raises my eyebrows. I

I’m not saying that there’s anything more to it than that. Outside of that bit of trivia, he hasn’t done a single thing to draw my attention to him (other than he is a bit handsome!).


Also, that would be Keith Ellison of Minnesota who wants to take his oath on the Koran, not Barack Obama. As far as I know, Obama does not profess to be Muslim, his father was Muslim.


I think Romney’s biggest problem is going to be the loss of the evangelical block who will not vote for a Mormon under any circumstances. The Romney candidacy may spell the final doom for the Republican-Evangelical-Conservative Catholic bloc that has kept Repubs in power for so long.

Even if Evangelicals could overcome their chronic conspiracy pananoia to vote for a Mormon, Romney is enough of a liberal “flip-flopper” that he would turn them off in any case.


There is not much of a chance of that. Romney won’t even come close to getting the nomination – he’ll never get past the evangelicals in Iowa. I suspect McCain or Newt Gingrich will get the nomination. Conservatives will be suspicious of Romney because many of my generation will remember his liberal father.


Yes. Keith Ellison is a Representative from Minnesota’s 5th CD. He will use the Koran for his oath.

Barack Obama is a Senator from Illinois. He is a member of the United Church of Christ.


you are correct. I was mistaken there. I still find Obama to be threat based upon his politics. (which is what scared me before)


Obama Bin Laden is a huge threat to America. And i just know that once he runs, if you cross his policy that will make you a racist. I fully support Mitt Romney for President in 2008!


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Obama Bin Laden is a huge threat to America.

That is an awful label for you to put on a person simply because you don’t like his politics!
I’d say you might want to Advance your thinking there AdvanceAlways.

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