How are Easter Vigil Baptisms Done at Your Parish?

How does your parish do baptisms?

Two, but kneeling not standing.

We’ve only had one in the twelve years I’ve been here but she was in a pool and water was poured over her.

We knelt in the full immersion pool, got our heads dunked under and water poured over. I went first (of 8 people) so I didn’t get to watch anyone else. It was freezing and we all had to hustle to get changed and back into the church.

The Tiber was cold last night! :eek:

Father got soaked as well.:slight_smile:

At my previous parish it was done by full immersion in the baptism pool in the narthex. Since there were frequently 20+ people who were baptised at the Easter Vigil, the whole process added about an hour to the service.

At my current parish in England, there were no baptisms this year, but I’ve heard that if there were, the water would be poured over the candidate’s head from a small baptismal font.

Choice 2 is the closest to how ours is done.

We have a shallow pool with a waterfall coming out where the Easter candle goes. They kneel in the pool and the priest directs the water over their heads as he baptizes them.

Most did it this way, they babies they just hold next to the waterfall and a couple of adults choose not to get into the pool, so they kneel outside with their heads close to the waterfall.

The second option, but with the Elect kneeling.

We have a large urn with the new Easter water in it, which is used for the baptisms as well as the congregation blessing themselves. The catechumens kneel in front of it with their heads slightly to one side and the priest uses his hands to scoop up some water and pour it over their forehead.

I suppose I should say that our parish baptizes via full immersion. Almost all new parishes I know of have immersion fonts. The candidates are dunked three times.

But when our parish was new and we used to meet in the seminary chapel we had a (very nice looking) portable fountain with a small pool and the candidates would kneel in that while a big jug of water was poured on them.

I don’t know why I said stand because I think kneeling is more common.

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