How are feelings deceptive? Neil Donald Walsh


I’m concerned when we have discussions at our church and in society and justify something on how we feel or how somebody else feels-- especially discussions about morality.

Neil Donald Walsh wrote that God talks in feelings and not words. I ask,“Why trust feelings and not thoughts (words)?”

This forum thread from 2007 also discusses feelings.

From 2005


My opinion is that feelings can’t be trusted as fact.

For example, if I’m hungry I will react emotionally in a very different way to a difficult situation than I might if I’ve just eaten a nutritious, filling meal.

We “feel” all sorts of things (some of which are entirely valid) but I don’t think that that criteria alone makes for a sound decision.


Um, the only feelings I trust is about reading anything by Neil Donald Walsh. This is new age kind of stuff, definitely not catholic. Plus, I remember in my new age days being in a workshop with this guy long before he was known for these so-called conversations with God. I hope this isn’t a Catholic church group that is discussing his books.
However, I will answer the original question. I don’t believe we can always trust our feelings because they are influenced by too much else - whether we had enough sleep, whether we just had a fight with someone, etc. Besides, how does Walsh know how God communicates to someone? God is unlimited and can communicate in any format and it seems in the past that God spoke in words to Moses and to others.


Good point, Sunbreak! When God spoke to Moses, it was pretty tangible. Burning bush, voice, inscripted tablets…


Some people have a high comfort level of trust with their feelings, others do not. If you have established a strong personal data base of trusting your feelings, then it’s reasonable to go with them. Always keep yourself open to double checking your feelings-oriented decision by looking at logic, and listening to sources you trust. :cool:


This is not a Catholic group. Just a discussion between two friends, one in Texas and one in California. I am circumspect of anything new age- the religion of i am god.


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